Why tomato seedlings turn yellow in a greenhouse

Why tomato seedlings turn yellow in a greenhouse

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Sometimes you have to figure it out why tomato seedlings turn yellow still at home. We understand that this can have a detrimental effect on further yields. After all, the reasons can be quite serious.

What to do if tomato seedlings turn yellow

It happens that the lower leaves turn yellow, and the fresh ones grow normal. Let's consider dangerous cases.

  • The seedlings were solid, overgrown only slightly - maybe there was not enough land;
  • When transplanted directly into the greenhouse near the pot, the roots were a lump, they intertwined into a large-type ball - then the seedlings can take root for a long time, and the leaves near the bush can turn yellow right to the very top.
  • If the roots are dry or sick, then they will begin to die off. At home, in appearance, problems cannot be grasped. In the greenhouse, it becomes possible to grow new strong roots. Leaves grow a little later. Old leaves are left without food and gradually die off.
  • It is dangerous to replant overgrown plants. But the weak are not planted either. Nutritious soil and free space will help to take root. The heated soil guarantees the growth of new leaves and, of course, roots.

You can create favorable conditions at home for the sprout to quickly adapt in the greenhouse. You will need a container with a different volume of soil. For example, from 3 liters.

Feed the plants. Let it be a weak solution. The maximum salt concentration should not exceed 1%. Liquid fertilizers are very convenient. They are safer, since the concentration will be higher in dry ones. Otherwise, the leaves may simply burn. In the greenhouse, the leaves are sprayed with a solution. But having found out why the tomato seedlings turn yellow, one should not expect that diseased leaves will revive from the measures.

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