Propagation of currants by cuttings

Propagation of currants by cuttings

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Reproduction of currants - it's not difficult, with the right approach, you will get a good result. The easiest and most common way is to propagate currants by cuttings, which quickly take root in the soil, subject to certain rules.

Choose healthy bushes for a high yield. Bushes must be healthy, especially those infected with kidney mites and glassworm are not suitable. 4 - 6 year old bushes are excellent breeding material. Older bushes will do, but in this case you will need to be more attentive to them.

In the second half of September, cuttings are prepared... One-year basal shoots and annual growths from branches, which are two to four years old, are cut from the bushes. Annual basal shoots grow from the base of the bush, and annual growths at the ends of the branches. They are easy to distinguish by their prominent color (light yellow).

On the day of cut, the shoots are cut into cuttings 15 cm long and with five buds on each... It is necessary to make two oblique cuts, one at the top below the kidney by one centimeter, and the other at the bottom, but below the kidney by a couple of centimeters. The cuts should be smooth, it is better to make them with a sharp garden knife.

Place them in water before planting. The cuttings must be saturated with moisture in order to root better.

The cuttings are planted in the area at an inclination of 45 degrees. The two buds should be above the ground. The soil is compacted and mulched with organic matter. Water and loosen.

By winter, cuttings give roots, and grow quickly in spring.

Red black currant cuttings root in different ways. Red currants are less accepted than black currants. Therefore, reproduction of red currants is best done at the end of August.

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