Columnar cherry. Planting and care

Columnar cherry. Planting and care

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Columnar fruit trees are distinguished by the fact that they grow vertically upward without branching or requiring crown formation. Columnar cherry it is still rare in the gardens of the southern part of Russia and Ukraine, but many gardeners appreciated the advantages of columnar apple and pear trees. Plant "column", like other seedlings, can be done in autumn and early spring, when the threat of frost has passed. At negative temperatures, cherry seedlings cannot even be transported.

For landing, a place is chosen that is most protected from the wind, southwest or south slope, south side of the house. Sweet cherry is a very light-loving plant, so the place must be sunny. Columnar cherries can only grow successfully on very fertile loose soil, well absorbing moisture. Try to avoid places with a high groundwater table, since any cherry tree does not tolerate stagnant water at all.

For planting, you should dig a hole up to 80 cm deep and about 1 meter wide. At its bottom, pour buckets of three black soil mixed with 10 kg of humus. It is better not to add mineral fertilizers, they can burn the roots and lead to the death of the seedling. Make sure that the root collar is not too deep. In the first two years columnar cherry grows slowly and its top does not always have time to prepare for winter. As a result, the apical kidney may freeze. In this case, the plant will form more than one. and two or three trunks, but it will still bear fruit.

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