How to process onions before planting

How to process onions before planting

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It would seem, what is difficult in growing onions? Yes, actually, nothing, if you know some subtleties. For instance, how to process onions before planting.

You can take care of its safety long before the harvest, if you process the bulbs with special antiseptic agentsto help prevent rotting. It is a well-known fact that antiseptics can prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases.

You can protect the future harvest from other diseases if you soak the seed for a few minutes in warm weak water solution of copper sulfate.

To prevent the shooting process, it is recommended to pour onion seeds with water heated to 60 ° C for one minute. There is also a more modern method, according to which onion seeds should be placed in a cloth, and then in a glass container and heated in a microwave oven for about one and a half minutes. Then the seeds are placed in growth stimulant solution... In this case, any drug that stimulates plant growth is suitable.

Important properly cultivate the soil. So that the onion does not get infected stem nematode, the place intended for its planting is watered with water and table salt. AND onion fly does not like tobacco dust, so it is recommended to water the beds with tobacco solution.

Bow loves slightly alkaline environment, for this purpose, a little lime or ash can be added to the soil.

You can ask experienced vegetable growers or consultants in specialized stores how to process onions before planting. You can turn to the literature for help, in which you can find complete and reliable information.

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