If tomato seedlings grow poorly

If tomato seedlings grow poorly

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Growing a tomato takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. It is quite possible to deal with these problems, the main thing is to know exactly how.

Sometimes there are situations when the seedlings are strongly stretched. In this case, it is worth cutting the stems of plants into 2 parts, focusing on 5 or 6 leaves. The cut pieces are placed in water. After 10 days, roots will grow on these stems, the size of which will be 1-1.5 cm.These stems should be planted in pots or directly in a box, while the distance between the plants should be at least 10 cm.These stems will continue to grow as usual seedling.

If a tomato seedlings grow poorly, then it is worth taking action, otherwise it can lead to poor growth of the tomato in general and poor yields. To make the seedlings grow more actively, it is worth using a growth stimulant, for example, sodium glumate. The fertilizer solution should resemble tea or beer in color. It is watered at the rate of 1 glass per plant.

Also, it is not uncommon for seedlings to acquire a pale green color. This happens very often when she stretches. To save the situation, you need to implement top dressing... After feeding, the pots with seedlings should be placed in a place where the temperature is at 10 degrees Celsius day and night. At this time, the seedlings are not watered. During this time, the seedlings will stop growing and turn green. Then it will be possible to rearrange it to its usual place.

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