How to grow pumpkin outdoors?

How to grow pumpkin outdoors?

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It is difficult to find a gardener who never once wondered about how to grow a pumpkin. And this is not surprising, because this culture has excellent taste and outstanding healing qualities, it has found wide application. not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine and cosmetology. In addition, most pumpkin varieties are very unpretentious to care for, and even not the most experienced gardener can harvest a rich harvest.

So how to grow pumpkin outdoors? Fertile, nutrient-rich soil is the key to a good harvest, so the area where the pumpkin will be grown you need to prepare in the fall (add 8-10 kilograms of manure per square meter). In the spring, it is necessary to dig up the earth and add potassium salt and superphosphate. The pumpkin seeds should be germinated before planting. To do this, they are placed in a plate on a piece of cloth moistened with water, covered with a second plate on top and placed in a warm place until the first sprouts appear on them. Sowing pumpkin in open ground held in the first half of June. It is necessary to place the seeds in holes located at a distance of a meter and a half from each other, and immediately fill the earth with plenty of water and mulch it with peat or dry humus.

Further care for the pumpkin consists in its regular watering, fertilizing, loosening the earth and taking action to control pests and diseases. This culture forms a large amount of vegetative mass (stems and leaves) and fruits, therefore it is extremely in need of frequent feeding, for which it is better to use liquid fertilizers.

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