Tomato seedling care

The process of growing tomatoes begins with sowing seedsfrom which seedlings germinate. The quantity and quality of the future harvest directly depends on the grown seedlings, therefore, caring for tomato seedlings is responsible stage of cultivation this valuable vegetable crop.

Watering seeds after sowing are recommended to be carried out no more than twice a week. Picking seedling is mandatory and is usually performed two weeks after seed germination. Not yet matured sprouts are planted at a certain distance from each other, and very weak sprouts are thrown away. Sometimes seedlings dive into separate pots filled with fertilized soil.

From the very first days of seed germination, it is necessary harden seedlings... It is recommended to maintain a constant air temperature and avoid hypothermia of the plants. It is also necessary to regularly ventilate the room in which the seedlings are grown.

Young plants need enough light... However, you should not immediately expose the seedlings to direct sunlight, otherwise they may get sunburn and die. It is recommended to accustom to light gradually.

Tomato seedling care also consists in feeding... It is best to use a mixture of peat and manure, ammonium nitrate and other fertilizers are also suitable.

Also, any gardener should know that growing tomato seedlings in good lighting conditions and low air temperatures makes it stronger and more viable, as well as resistant to many viruses and diseases. Seedlings grown in such conditions can be planted in open ground much earlier.

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