Margelan radish

In almost every garden, summer residents take away not the last place for such a culture as radish. A good alternative is Margelan radish, which is popularly also referred to as "Green". Although she does not have such a sharpness as her close relative, she is still no worse. Green radish is very juicy, tasty and goes well with all products in salads. The fruits of the Margelan radish improve appetite and digestion, as well as have a positive effect on the secretion of gastric juice. It is worth noting that green radish is excellent antiseptic.

This variety is usually sown at the end of July, since it is very early ripening and it is necessary to have time to dig out the crop in time, because otherwise it will become hollow.

Sow green radish into grooves in rows, as for the soil, this plant is absolutely not picky, but it does not hurt to fertilize the soil.

After the first shoots appear, the weakest plant should be removed, thereby thinning the seedlings. To neutralize numerous pests, from the moment the first sprouts appear sprinkle ash on the ridge.

As the plant grows, you can gradually pull out the roots and use it directly for food or for medicinal purposes. Before harvesting take the topsso that it dries up faster. The radish is stored under the same conditions as carrots with beets.

Although Margelan radish contains a rich list of useful components, do not forget about contraindicationsx, which, according to some experts, are still present, so do not overdo it in the use of this vegetable if you are not sure of the proper state of your health.

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