The strawberry soil must be right

The strawberry soil must be right

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By choosing place for planting strawberries, it is worth considering the need for this berry in sunlight. Also, it is not advisable to grow peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants next to it.

Strawberry land prepared in advance, it must be dug up and fertilized. Best used as organic fertilizer for strawberries humus or compost, but it is best to refuse fresh manure or let it ferment well.

It is recommended to check the soil for the presence of pests before planting young strawberry bushes: wireworm larvae and May beetle. If there are any, then sow on this site alkaloid lupine seeds... This plant has green manure properties that can enrich even the most scarce soil.

For a successful harvest, it is important to provide strawberry bushes proper watering... On particularly hot days, the plant should be watered at least three times a week. In this case, the soil for strawberries should be well saturated with moisture. But during flowering with watering, you need to be more careful, and if the sun is so strong, then you can completely abandon it.

When choosing large-fruited strawberries, it is important to plant them correctly. It is necessary to observe the distance between the bushes, which, as the plant grows, will not turn out to be too small. So, three plants must fit in one running meter, and between the rows you can leave a distance of slightly less than 90 cm.

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