How to plant cucumber seeds outdoors?

Before planting cucumber seeds in the ground, they are tested for germination and special treatment against bacteria and harmful fungi. If the treatment was wet, then after it the seeds must be dried.

How to plant cucumber seeds and what needs to be done to test them for germination?

Take the optimal amount of seeds, for better and faster germination, they are placed in water with a temperature of 20-25 degrees for 12-20 hours, changing the water from time to time. Then they are laid out on a gauze, previously moistened with water. Provide the minimum conditions for the germination of cucumber seeds: light, temperature, humidity. After a while, the seeds will begin to germinate and you will see which of them are suitable for sowing in the ground, and which just need to be removed.

How to plant cucumber seeds outdoors?

A ridge is being prepared for planting seeds. Its composition depends on the variety of cucumbers and the ripening period. If you plan to plant seeds and no longer transplant them, then you can use Row sowing, it is suitable only for those plants that are sown in open ground immediately to a permanent place.

The previously marked rows are deepened with a hoe 5-7 cm deep. Seeds are sown evenly from each other in the formed small groove. The distance between such rows is determined by the type of cucumber culture. After sowing viable seeds, they should be tamped and watered carefully. If you plan to leave your seeds on the surface, then cover them with sheet glass or paper. You can cover with a straw blanket at night.

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