How to grow asparagus yourself

Asparagus has been known for a long time, but recently it has become extremely popular. Knowing how to grow asparagus in the country, you can achieve excellent taste and healing qualities.

Asparagus cultivation technology

First, before growing asparagus on your site, you need to carefully choose a place for planting it. Asparagus prefers loose soil with a significant compost layer. Soil preparation must be started in the fall. At the beginning of autumn, you need to dig up the area intended for asparagus, with the addition of phosphorus fertilizers. In the spring, the earth is dug up one more time, saturating it with nitrogen fertilizers. This kind of careful preparation is necessary because the asparagus has been continuously grown in one place for several years. During the entire period of asparagus cultivation (from 2 to 15 years) in the fall of each year, absolutely all shoots are completely cut off, and the beds are sprinkled with a new layer of compost or humus.

Since asparagus seeds germinate in the open field for a very long time, the seedling method is preferable:
• Seeds in warm water and germinate for a week;
• The hatched seeds are planted to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
• Seedlings are considered ready only after the formation of a healthy and developed root system;
• Planting ready-made seedlings in the spring in furrows 1m apart from each other. It is important to additionally loosen the soil at the bottom of the furrow.
• Asparagus is planted at 40-50 cm intervals and then watered with a spray can.

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