Raspberry Penguin - a delicious remontant variety

Raspberry Penguin - a delicious remontant variety

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Raspberry is an attribute of any garden plot, despite the difficulties and specifics of care, a rare summer resident will refuse to grow healthy and tasty berries. The delicate plant is sensitive to diseases, therefore, in order to prevent their spread, it is necessary to remove the branches that have borne fruit, take them outside the territory of the site and burn them.


  • The advantage of remontant varieties
  • Penguin variety - fragrant berries all season
  • Secrets of growing and breeding
  • Features of caring for raspberries Penguin

Raspberry loving space gradually fills the adjacent territory, so excess shoots and roots should be uprooted as they appear. Taking into account all the features of the plant, to help gardeners, remontant varieties were bred, which are distinguished by high consumer characteristics and do not require special care.

The advantage of remontant varieties

Today, remontant varieties of raspberries are very popular among gardeners. The increased interest is due to the unique features of the plant, namely its ability to bloom and bear fruit many times during one growing season.

Also, this variety is valued for its high yield, pest resistance and positive consumer characteristics.

The berries have a rich raspberry color, dense pulp with small drupes and a pleasant, sweet and sour taste. After ripening, the berries are kept on the bush without losing their taste and aesthetic qualities, and during harvesting they are easily separated from the stalk. Repaired raspberry varieties take root well and bear fruit in areas with unfavorable climatic conditions, are resistant to freezing and the appearance of diseases characteristic of an ordinary plant.

Penguin variety - fragrant berries all season

Against the background of other varieties, the remontant variety of raspberries Penguin compares favorably. Excellent frost resistance and endurance of the plant allow you to enjoy fresh berries right up to the first frost. Raspberry bushes Penguin are straight and compact, which is especially true if the raspberry bushes are broken in a small garden area. The berries of this variety are large enough and have a rounded shape.

The Penguin variety is distinguished by its high productivity, up to 6 kg of aromatic berries can be obtained from one bush per season. Another advantage of this variety is considered to be its early ripening - already at the end of June you can count on the first harvest, and in August for re-bearing.

Secrets of growing and breeding

For wintering, remontant raspberries should be prepared in advance, for this the bush is cut off at the soil level. This manipulation will save the plant from the appearance of pests and eliminate the need to treat it with chemical solutions. The remontant variety Penguin has a hardy root system that can withstand up to - 20 degrees, therefore, removing the ground part of the plant, you do not have to worry about its wintering.

As practice shows, remontant culture is able to develop and form healthy berries, even when the temperature drops.

A distinctive feature of this species is a special approach to reproduction, since the plant directs all its forces to the formation of the crop, and not to the formation of shoots, there is a shortage of material for planting. In view of this, certain agronomic techniques should be used to propagate remontant raspberries.

Experts recommend: to get seedlings, choose a healthy three-year-old bush and remove its central part. These manipulations can be carried out both in autumn and early spring. The roots remaining in the soil will give at least two dozen offspring, which can be used as seedlings for propagation.

Features of caring for raspberries Penguin

The Penguin raspberry variety is not whimsical, it can grow and develop on any soil, but the best harvest can be expected if shrubs are planted on an area with loose and fertile soil. A well-lit southern side is suitable for the raspberry tree, this will contribute to the early appearance of shoots.

Since the formation and ripening of fruits in remontant varieties occurs faster than in ordinary raspberries, special attention must be paid to fertilizing the soil. Also, the correct planting of shrubs will contribute to a rich harvest, the plants should be spaced from each other at a distance of about 70 cm, a passage of up to 2 meters should be left between the rows.

Plants with an open horse system, as a rule, are planted before the beginning of the growing season. Most gardeners prefer seedlings with a closed root system, such a shrub quickly takes root and, after a few months, will delight the first harvest.

Like any other plant, remontant varieties of raspberries Penguin need feeding, timely watering, loosening the soil and removing weeds. For the full development of a culture, nitrogen is needed, therefore, its deficiency should be replenished with the help of fertilizers.

To obtain large berries, only a few replacement shoots need to be left, and the rest should be removed in early spring. In order to speed up the sprouting process, in the spring the area with the raspberry is cleared of snow and torn with a film. This will bring the time of the beginning of the growing season closer and contribute to the appearance of an early harvest.

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