Planting pepper in the ground, preparing for planting

Planting pepper in the ground, preparing for planting

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Pepper is home to South America and South Asia. There are two types of pepper: bitter (hot) and sweet.

Seed preparation

Planting pepper in the ground begins with the preparation of seeds, or rather, planting pepper for seedlings. Initially, pepper seeds are sorted: incomplete, broken seeds are removed. Then they are placed in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate and hardened. Seeds are placed on a plate, covered with gauze and periodically moistened with water. Within 6 days, the seeds should be at a temperature of + 20 during the day, and at + 3 degrees at night (placed in the refrigerator). At the end of this period, the seeds are placed in a solution prepared from wood ash, diluted in a liter of water, for 5 hours.

Soil preparation and planting seeds

The seeds are dried and sown in a box with prepared soil. Planting pepper in the ground should be carried out in accordance with the planting dates according to the lunar calendar of the gardener and the gardener.

The soil for seedlings can be prepared by yourself: two parts of the earth, one part of peat and one part of sand. Fertilizer is added to the soil and mixed thoroughly.

Fertilizer is added with the calculation: for ten liters of soil - 50 grams of Kemir station wagon. Planting pepper in the soil of the seeds is carried out in grooves to a depth of 1 cm, covered with plastic wrap on top. The distance between the rows is 5 cm, and between the seeds is 2 cm.

Planting pepper in the ground

It is recommended to plant pepper seedlings in a greenhouse or tunnel shelter made of arches, fasteners and a special non-woven covering material.

Before planting the culture, the beds are prepared filled with humus. One plant is placed in each well. After planting, the peppers must be covered with a film if they are planted in open ground, leaving only the ventilated ends of the tunnel.

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