Planting tomato seedlings in the ground

Planting tomato seedlings in the ground

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My mom just loves tomatoes. And the tomato itself smells good, holding it in your hands, you feel the strength and juiciness of the fruit.

As far back as I can remember, my mother has never been involved in growing seedlings. She simply bought it at the market early in the morning on the day of her planned trip to the country. Fortunately, during the season, seedlings are sold in huge quantities, you can choose any variety you like, and at the same time assess the condition of the young sprouts.

The planting of tomato seedlings in the ground by the forces of my mother takes place without much ceremony. She simply prepares holes in the ground, then water them well, spreads a stem of seedlings at each hole, and then sprinkles everything with earth, tamping it tightly at the base of the plant. And again everything is watered. By the evening, the seedlings look wilted and it seems that nothing will come of it. But after a few days, with good watering in the beds, you can find strong erect tomato bushes, which will need to be tied up very soon.

As it turned out, planting tomato seedlings in the ground is a matter that does not require much wisdom. It is important to surround the plant with love and provide it with good care. You also need to take care of protecting tomatoes from pests by timely processing them with special preparations. And after a while your work will be reflected in the form of a good harvest.

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