Growing and shaping a tomato bush

The formation of a tomato bush is an important agrotechnical technique, on which a full harvest depends.

Tomato varieties are divided into tall and medium-sized. In this case, the tomato bush will be well ventilated and illuminated from all sides.

Tomatoes and their cultivation

Before growing tomatoes, learn the basic nuances. So, this vegetable is quite demanding on soil fertility.

Soil fertility depends on:

  • application of mineral and organic fertilizers
  • crop rotation

In the absence of crop rotation, no proper tomato care will make sense. Its need is due to the fact that due to crop rotation, pathogens do not accumulate in the land and the soil does not deplete.

Organic fertilizers (manure, compost, humus) enrich the site with nutrients, which are then transferred to the plant and its fruits. They need to be applied in the fall, as well as throughout the season as mulch.

As for mineral feeding, it should be additional, not basic.

Watering tomatoes should be carried out frequent and fractional. The best option is a drip irrigation system. By the way, it is not worth watering the plants in strong sunshine, since the ingress of water droplets on the leaves can lead to burns and provoke the development of fungal infections, which will adversely affect the harvest. The best time to water is early morning and evening.

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