How to plant radishes

How to plant radishes

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Radish, earlier than other vegetables, brings variety to the sometimes boring menu over the winter. It is good on its own and is great for spring salads.

If you grow radishes on your land, then you can pamper yourself with this vegetable almost all summer. But first you need to learn how to plant radishes.

Radish seeds can be sown at the end of March. Here it is important to choose a plot of a vegetable garden with well-fertilized soil in a place warmed by the sun. Loose soil is suitable for radishes, so it is recommended to loosen it well and mix with sand or peat. In place of future beds, shallow holes are made, watered with water, sowed a change and lightly sprinkled with an earth-sand mixture.

Knowing how to plant radishes, you must not forget about caring for them, which boils down to protecting the plant from cruciferous fleas. Attacking the newly appeared sprouts, this pest is able to destroy them completely. And nothing can save the plant. You can scare off a cruciferous flea with wood ash. It is necessary to sprinkle it on the beds several times a week from the very beginning of sowing seeds. In addition, ash is a good natural fertilizer.

So that the radish is not tough, and its pulp remains sweetish, the plant should be well watered. To obtain large root crops, it is necessary to carry out timely thinning of young plants.

It is convenient to sow radish seeds in different beds at intervals of 10-15 days. And then it will be possible to collect several crops during the planting season.

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