When the cherry ripens

When the cherry ripens

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Sweet cherry is one of the most favorite berries for many children and adults. It strengthens blood vessels, is useful in diseases of the thyroid gland, has anti-anemic and choleretic properties, is useful for the kidneys and perfectly tones the body.

Sweet cherry loves warmth, so it is often considered a southern plant. However, with a warming climate and the development of selection, this tree can be found in the northern part of the middle lane. Good winter-hardy varieties that will not freeze every year are: Fatezh, Krymskaya, Cheremashnaya, Tyutchevka, Raditsa, Ostuzhevka, Malysh, Leningradskaya black, Poetry, etc. When planting cherries, you need to remember that they are not self-fertile. Therefore, place several simultaneously flowering varieties side by side.

When the cherry is ripe, there is still almost nothing in the garden. The very first berries can appear as early as May (this depends on the variety and climate). It opens the fruit season and supplies the person with the first vitamins and microelements. Early varieties are usually not suitable for processing, conservation. They are used as table berries. These cherries are distinguished by their soft and juicy pulp, colorless juice. They are not transportable, they deteriorate faster. Medium and late varieties are already more elastic, the juice may be slightly colored. It is better to use them for compotes and other preparations for the winter.

By July, the cherries are usually already harvested, and what is not harvested, the birds will get it. Starlings are very fond of this berry, which often compete with a person - who will harvest the harvest faster.

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