Sweet cherry Napoleon pink

Sweet cherry Napoleon pink is an extremely old variety, but not too widespread in domestic plots and dachas. That is why this variety does not take root well and gives an insufficient yield in regions with insufficient air temperature and is considered suitable for cultivation in the southern regions. However, this cherry variety, being overly exposed to the influence of weather conditions, is very resistant to fungal diseases, and is practically not damaged by the main and most dangerous pest of this culture - the cherry fly.

Sweet cherry Napoleon is one of the latest varieties. Its fruit is large enough (the weight of one berry reaches, as a rule, ten grams), has a deep pink color with dark subcutaneous dots, heart-shaped and a very small bone. Berries have a rich sweet taste and are considered one of the best for preparing a variety of desserts, pastries, compotes and many other dishes, as well as jams and other preparations for the winter. Also, the undoubted advantages of the Napoleon variety include a fairly high yield, the ability of berries to tolerate long-term storage and transportation well (this is primarily due to the high density of the fruit pulp), and also to remain on the tree for a long time, without being subjected to rotting and the appearance of mold.

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