How to feed tomato seedlings during the growth period

How to feed tomato seedlings during the growth period

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When growing tomato seedlings, it must be remembered that the most important thing in this process is to provide plants with optimal growth conditions and the necessary nutrition. How to feed tomato seedlings during the period of their active growth?

Until the plants do not have the first true leaves after the cotyledons, no additional fertilizing can be carried out. Water only when necessary.

After the third real leaf appears, it's time to think about how to feed the tomato seedlings. Indeed, during the period of active growth, any plant needs nutrition for the correct formation of greenery and a good harvest.

Young tomato seedlings need phosphorus. This plant does not absorb it well from the soil and, if you do not control the situation, fertilizing it with a preparation with phosphorus in time, the seedlings will slow down their growth, their leaves will turn dark purple.

In addition to phosphorus, tomato seedlings also need nitrogen. But it should be borne in mind that you need to be very careful when applying fertilizers containing nitrogen. With abundant nutrition with this element, the seedlings are drawn out, as gardeners say - they fatten, which leads to a significant delay in flowering and the appearance of fruit ovaries.

If you intend to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, then the soil for them must be properly prepared in the fall. To do this, for each square meter of planting, it is best to pour one bag of rotten wood leaves, followed by loosening them. In the middle of April, it is enough to add 10 grams of nitrophosphate and dig it up again. This procedure creates sufficient soil moisture, and therefore, the tomatoes will not suffer from dry soil.

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