Fragrant onion, it is also garlic, wild, mountain

Fragrant onion, it is also garlic, wild, mountain

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Allspice is a perennial onion herb that has a pleasant taste. If you hear the name "garlic onion", then you should know that we are talking about a fragrant onion. In taste, it resembles both onions and garlic, one and the other are poorly expressed.

The bulb of allspice is very small, 1.5 - 2 cm in diameter. The feathers of the onion are up to 40 cm long and 1 cm thick, the color is from light green to dark green.

In the first year of sowing, it releases up to 6 arrows, and in the second year, a daughter bulb is formed, from which arrows also grow. Thus, the sweet onion branches out.

The flowering arrow appears in the second year, up to 40 cm long. The flower consists of many inflorescences, up to 150 pieces and exudes a pleasant aroma. Thanks to which the plant got the name "fragrant". Honey is made from the nectar of onions. Its taste is unusually tasty and does not at all resemble onions.

It is best to plant allspice after legumes and pumpkin plants. Not recommended after potatoes and cabbage. It can grow in one place for about 5 years, after which you should change the place on the site.

The best time for sowing is early April. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in water for a day, and you need to change the water at least three times. Then they are taken out of the water and dried. After they are sown in grooves, the distance between them is about 30 cm. When the seeds germinate and 2 - 3 leaves appear, they are thinned out. The removed plants can also be planted or eaten.

Fragrant onions have a bad habit of self-sowing propagation. If you do not follow him, he will creep all over the garden. Put him in a separate box, he will have a personal place. And cut the inflorescences in time so that the seeds do not scatter.

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