Drip irrigation of potatoes and its benefits

Drip irrigation of potatoes and its benefits

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Potatoes grown without irrigation in dry summer conditions are likely to yield low yields, tubers will lose a lot in taste, and become more susceptible to diseases. There are several methods of watering potatoes, but today agronomists recognize drip irrigation of potatoes as the most effective.

  • The first and one of the main advantages is the saving of irrigation water, which, if done correctly, can reach 50% compared to conventional methods.
  • The method of drip irrigation of potatoes promotes increased aeration of the soil, the soil is not over-saturated, the soil oxygen fully meets the respiration requirement of the plant roots.
  • Drip irrigation of potatoes promotes the rapid formation of a strengthened branched root system, which is able to more intensively consume moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  • Together with drip irrigation, fertilizers necessary for plants are applied directly to the root zone. In arid conditions, it is the most effective way of adding nutrients to the soil during the growth of the plant. Fertilization with fertigation can also be carried out in conditions of heavy rainfall, and the utilization rate is significantly increased.
  • Since potato leaves are not moistened with drip irrigation, the possibility of spreading diseases is minimized, fungicides and insecticides are on the foliage for a longer time.

When using this method of irrigation, spraying of potatoes, soil cultivation and harvesting can be done at any time, the row spacing in the beds always remains dry. The formation of a soil crust does not occur, the structure of the soil is not destroyed.

Very attractive aspects of using irrigation are the minimization of time and labor for irrigation and water saving. With a decrease in real labor costs by 1.5-2 times, a significant increase in potato yield is achieved.

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