Decorative viburnum is a wonderful decoration for a summer cottage

A perennial shrub Viburnum belongs to the honeysuckle family, an adult plant can reach a height of 4-5 m. Besides being an adornment of any garden, its fruits have amazing healing properties.

The decorative viburnum, which is called buldenezh, looks even more attractive. The flowering of the plant occurs in May-June, small, odorless, terry flowers are knocked down into dense spherical inflorescences, which, covering the bush, give it a simply fabulous look.

The decorative viburnum planted in the garden perfectly withstands pruning, which allows you to form a beautiful crown on a high or low trunk. The plant is frost-hardy, hardy, in a few years it can grow up to 2.5 m in height.

  • It is better to plant bulldogs in sunny places, protected from cold winds.
  • Ornamental viburnum can grow on any soil, but on heavy clay soils, the plant may freeze slightly, its flowering will not be so active.
  • Garden forms of viburnum can be grown in partial shade conditions, but in this case they may not fully show their decorative potential.
  • For planting viburnum, it is best to use the most humidified places, the plant will feel most comfortable on the shore of a garden pond, if there is one on your site.

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