When and how to pinch tomatoes

When and how to pinch tomatoes

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The future yield of the plant depends on the formation of the bush. To form the right bush, you need to know when and how to pinch the tomatoes.

Stepsons are formed in the axils of the leaves. If they are not removed in time, they will quickly grow, and the flower brush will lag behind in development. Stepchildren should be removed before they have grown to 5 centimeters. In this case, the bush will tolerate pinching painlessly, because the wounds will heal faster, and the shoot itself breaks off easily. The stepsons are removed from the tenth day of disembarkation, and this process is repeated every two weeks.

Ways to pinch tomatoes

The formation of a tomato bush depends directly on the variety of tomatoes. And there are three ways to form the stem:

  1. One stem. This method is used for tall varieties of tomatoes. Pinching is worth the whole summer. In addition to cutting off the stepsons, it is necessary to pinch the top of the main stem so that the nutrients enter the fruit, and not into the stem itself.
  2. Two-stem forming system. Along with the main stem, a stepson is left, which will slightly lag behind in development. This method gives a larger yield, but the ripening of fruits is significantly inhibited, which can lead to non-ripening of tomatoes before the first frost.
  3. Three-stem forming system. The strongest stepsons are left under the first flower brush. As in the case of two-stem bushes, there is a risk of non-ripening of the fruit. Therefore, this method is applied to early varieties of tomatoes.

If you do not know when and how to pinch tomatoes, then there is a guarantee that the amateur gardener will grow a lush bush of a plant with a meager harvest. But we must not forget about the thinning of the ovaries of tomatoes, which allows you to get a large, beautiful, regular crop.

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