How to choose potatoes for planting?

How to choose potatoes for planting? The best time to plant potatoes is the end of April. By this time, you already need to choose potatoes for planting.

The tubers for planting must be completely healthy. Tubers affected by rot or other diseases are immediately harvested. Medium-sized potatoes with small eyes should be preferred. For the purpose of disinfection, potatoes are placed for a short time in a weak solution of boric acid. A good effect is also given by placing the tubers in a manure solution for several days.

For planting, do not use small tubers, since few stems grow from them, and the yield is always small. Large potatoes should also not be overused, since the aerial part develops faster than the roots themselves. As a result, the root system cannot provide food for the stems and the aerial part. It is better to plant small, medium and large tubers separately, since the care for them is different. The planting of potatoes is different for each gardener. Some dig deep and large trenches, others plant shallowly, others prefer to plant on a string. But the quality and quantity of the harvest always depends on the seeds.

In the fall, you need to buy seeds. The selection of seeds for the site should be based on your own observations. If this or that variety grows better for you, then take it. Elite potato varieties give a good harvest for about three years. These varieties are less susceptible to various diseases, have better yield and quality.

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