How to plant onions with seeds

How to plant onions with seeds

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Everyone knows that onions can be planted in two ways - with seeds and small bulbs (the so-called garbazhiyka). To do this, for example, you can transplant it, while shortening part of the fibrous root system. Or create ideal conditions for full ripening - greenhouses, hotbeds, special soil, timely watering, etc.

But in order to harvest, the onions must first be planted. How to plant onions with seeds to provide them with ideal conditions for germination and ripening, read on. Before planting, onion seeds do not need any preparatory processes - they do not need to be soaked or germinated. However, given the small size of each seed, many gardeners indulge in all sorts of tricks in order to save seeds and not frequent when planting (then there will be no need to waste time thinning the beds). To do this, you can stick the seeds onto a rolled-out roll of modern toilet paper. Roll out the roll, apply a thin strip of PVA glue on it and glue the onion seeds at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other. This will significantly save time when boarding.

You need to plant onions in shallow grooves, which are made using a regular garden glanders. The depth of the groove is up to 7 cm. It is necessary to plant the seeds at a distance of 5-7-9 cm from each other (or simply unwind the tealet paper with the seeds glued to it along the groove), water and sprinkle with earth.

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