Planting tomatoes in the ground

Planting tomatoes in the ground

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Every gardener knows that there are varieties that are suitable only for growing in a greenhouse, and there are varieties that can be grown in the open field, for example, "De Barao", "Black Prince", "Mazarin", "King of the Market-2", "Sanka". But just in case, it is better to have a covering material on hand to cover the plant if a frost does happen.

Tomato beds are made in a sunny leeward place. A week before planting, mineral fertilizers should be applied to them, and for disinfection, treat the ground with a weak solution of copper sulfate. For disembarkation, we make landing holes at a distance of about 0.5 m from each other. In each planting hole, you should put about a kilogram of humus, and a tablespoon of wood ash and superphosphate. Most gardeners practice planting tomatoes in open ground, leaving the plant in a lying position and burying it so that the aboveground part is equally underground. In this case, the seedlings adapt better.

Watering the seedlings abundantly when planting, then it is not watered for ten days. During this time, it takes root and "rises" well. Now it can be tied up, watered and pinned. In the south of our country and in other countries with a fairly warm climate, planting in the ground in a seedless way is also practiced. To do this, in the early stages, seeds are sown to a depth of 3-4 cm, and then they are looked after as for ordinary seedlings, thinning out, but not diving.

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