How to properly plant peppers in the ground

How to properly plant peppers in the ground

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Bell peppers are one of the most popular vegetables in our country. You can make fresh vegetable salads from it, or you can bake, fry, stuff, preserve ...

To get a good harvest, it is important to know how to properly plant peppers in the ground. In our region, it is best to grow (or buy) seedlings, so the pepper will begin to bear fruit earlier. This does not require any special skills, peppers are planted on seedlings in the same way as tomatoes and other vegetable crops. Before planting, the seeds can be germinated a little by soaking them on a damp gauze, or you can do without it. However, it is worth remembering that the seedlings should be hardened a little before planting in the ground. To do this, a few days before planting, the pots with seedlings are taken out into the street in the sun, and brought back into the room at night.

When both the soil and seedlings are ready, you can start planting the pepper in the ground. To do this, it is best to choose morning or evening time, but not daytime (for many reasons). Before planting each specific bush, carefully inspect the root system of the plant so that it is healthy, without rot. Rotten roots (if there are not many of them) can be carefully removed with a knife. After planting, don't forget to water the garden well!

To protect the pepper from night low temperatures or frost, which occasionally happen in our country even in May-June, you can cover each bush with a 3-liter bottle, jar or cut plastic bottle. However, before planting the pepper, it will not hurt to look at the weather forecast in order to predict imminent frosts.

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