Early varieties of cherries: Household, Valery Chkalov, Melitopol cherry

Early varieties of cherries: Household, Valery Chkalov, Melitopol cherry

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Sweet cherry is one of the most demanded, popular and delicious summer berries, there is a sweet cherry tree, practically, in every summer cottage, garden plot. The main value of sweet cherry berries is that they are a delicious dietary product containing vitamin C, carotene, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

Recommended for use in hypertension and as a weak diuretic and laxative.

One of the most popular early varieties is Melitopol cherry, which is distinguished by a high yield, quality and taste of fruits, their simultaneous ripening and resistance to moniliosis (to fruit rot) and self-infertility. Also, this type of sweet cherry winters well, however, in severe frost it can freeze, and in spring frost, up to 50% of the pistils in flowers freeze.

The cherry tree is strong, large, grows quickly, forms a high and oval crown, medium thickening. Usually it begins to bear fruit in the 4th year (like many other varieties of cherries) after planting, the fruits ripen on a one-year growth, as well as on bouquet branches, and quickly increases productivity.

Sweet cherry Melitopolskaya is an early variety, in its usual conditions (it grows well in steppe conditions), ripens at the very end of May and beginning of June. Cherry fruits are large, burgundy, slightly bumpy, sweet taste with a slight sourness.

Sweet cherry Priusadebnaya, also an early ripening variety, it ripens at the very beginning of June, is very generous in large yellow fruits with a red barrel. The tree is vigorous, with a good and spreading crown. Cherry is resistant to bacterial cancer, moniliosis and berry cracking in the wettest weather.

Cherry Valery Chkalov is an early-ripening variety that, unfortunately, does not have strong winter hardiness, however, due to its taste, it is very popular. The cherry is vigorous, with a spreading crown and large burgundy fruits, the tree is resistant to diseases and pests.

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