Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

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By the month of April, most gardeners are already growing tomato seedlings. Someone, experimenting, bought new varieties of seeds, others have been planting the same varieties for many years according to the saying "from good, they are not looking for good." Naturally, the planting of tomatoes in the greenhouse is carried out earlier than in the open ground, around May 1-15, as soon as the threat of night frosts has passed. If it is still cool enough at night, you can put arcs inside the greenhouse and throw covering material on them.

You can't plant tomatoes in the same greenhouse for many years in a row, they will get sick. Previously, it was recommended to alternate planting tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse, one year - tomatoes, the other year - cucumbers. Unfortunately, they began to be amazed by a common disease (root rot) and now this cannot be done. If you still want to leave the greenhouse in the same place, you should replace the soil in it to a depth of at least 10-12 cm and sprinkle the ground with a hot solution of copper sulfate. Cucumbers and tomatoes cannot be grown in the greenhouse at the same time. Tomatoes do not like high air humidity and require frequent ventilation of the greenhouse; on the contrary, cucumbers grow better at high air humidity.

Tomato greenhouses should be set up to be lit all day. Beds 60-90 cm wide are placed along the greenhouse, passages between them are 60-70 cm. Tomatoes are planted in the greenhouse in one row, or in two rows in a checkerboard pattern. The distance between the plants is 50-60 cm. After planting, the plants are not watered for 10-15 days, otherwise they will stretch out strongly. Tomatoes can be tied up after 10-12 days.

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