Varietal "Vigorous" black currant


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Many lovers of currants, not only black ones, try to buy and plant the best varietal bushes on their site. fakes are often sold at bazaars and exhibitions.

The black currant variety Yadrenaya was specially bred at the N.N. M.A. Lisavenko in Siberia. Vigorous black currant is valuable in that one bush gives a fairly large amount of harvest, and although the berries themselves are not too large (there are other, larger berry varieties), they hang in clusters, like grapes, and this makes harvesting easier. According to the degree of ripening, it belongs to the middle-late varieties. Perfectly tolerates winter frosts!

In order for black currants to feel good throughout the year, you need to update the trunk circle in the spring (or maybe in autumn) (dig up the ground around a bush with a diameter of about 1 meter, apply fertilizers for the soil, for example, humus, diluted chicken or pigeon droppings, at worst, “Gumi.” If the soil is too “heavy”, you can dig it up with fallen autumn leaves (the same foliage can be used to wrap a bush from frost), straw, duckweed (if there are water bodies nearby).

Once a year (in spring), it is advisable to treat the bush with special solutions to protect against pests, because despite its resistance to aphids, powdery mildew, mites and other parasites, infection from neighboring plants is possible.

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