Cherry gift to Stepanov, variety features, reviews and care rules

Cherry gift to Stepanov, variety features, reviews and care rules

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One of the new, but already well-deserved recognition, varieties is a cherry gift to Stepanov. Bred by the breeder Kanshina, it is distinguished by high winter hardiness and excellent taste.


  1. Description of the cherry variety a gift to Stepanov
  2. Features of the variety, frost resistance, pollinators
  3. Planting rules and care
  4. Reviews about the cherry variety a gift to Stepanov

Description of the cherry variety a gift to Stepanov

The quality of the variety was appreciated by its entry into the State Register as a winter-hardy variety recommended for the Central region of the country.

The main features of the gift to Stepanov include:

  • The crown is similar in shape to a pyramid, the growth of the upper parts of the tree occurs rather quickly;
  • The maximum tree height does not exceed 3.5 m;
  • Fruit size is medium, heart-shaped. The color is red, monotonous, the taste is sweet, and the pulp is homogeneous in structure;
  • Average density of foliage, half-naked branches;
  • The shape of the leaves is elliptical, slightly elongated, pointed at the ends and along the edges of the leaf blade with large glands;
  • The color of the bark is gray, slightly flaky.

The main distinguishing feature of sweet cherry is its winter hardiness, which makes it possible to grow it in the Urals. She tolerates a sharp cold snap without negative consequences.

Features of the variety, frost resistance, pollinators

A gift to Stepanov is actively grown in mid-latitudes, but the variety tolerates well both cold snaps and dry periods. However, it is recommended to take into account that cherries do not react well to excess moisture.

In the summer, it is worth carrying out a minimum watering in the form of four leads to the root once every seven days.

If it rained before, there is no need for watering. In addition, after moistening, it is recommended to mulch the soil.

In the harsh conditions of the more northern regions, it is important to prevent freezing of the trunk. If you protect the tree, it will calmly endure a drop in temperature without affecting fruiting.

When growing a gift to Stepanov, it is important to remember that the variety is not capable of self-pollination.

In order for the cherry to bear fruit next to it, it is recommended to plant one of the pollinating varieties:

  • Teremoshka
  • Bryansk pink
  • Favorite Astakhanov

The flowering of these varieties occurs in the same period as the flowering of the Gift to Stepanov, therefore, pollination will ensure abundant fruiting.

A frost-resistant variety tolerates drought well, but reacts poorly to an abundance of moisture. In addition, it does not belong to self-pollinated, which should be taken into account when planting.

Planting rules and care

The growth and fruiting of the variety directly depends on the planting of the seedling, compliance with the planting rules.

So, it is recommended to pay attention to such aspects.

Sapling selectionIt is recommended to give preference to trees from a year to three. When buying, it is recommended to carefully study the seedling, it should not show signs of damage or rot
Drop off timeMay differ depending on the climate. On the territory of the southern regions, it is recommended to plant in the fall, before frost. In the northern territories - in the spring, immediately after the snow melts
Site selectionIt is recommended to give preference to the southern or western well-lit areas of the garden. At the same time, the distance from other trees should not be less than five meters.
Well preparationIt should be dug up a month before planting. Before direct planting, it is recommended to fill its bottom with a mixture of fertile soil, potassium salt (90 g), compost, superphosphate (180 g)
Direct landingAfter the soil subsides, you need to place the seedling in the hole and cover it with earth.

After planting, you should not relax, because care plays a significant role in the growth and development of a tree.

It is worth paying special attention to the following points.

  • Crown pruning - a properly formed crown is the key to a good harvest. It is better to carry out the procedure in a transitional season, after slowing down or before the start of sap flow. It is recommended to start pruning after the tree grows to a height of 50 cm. When pruning an adult tree, it is recommended to maintain a height of no more than three and a half meters;
  • Top dressing - after the age of two, it is recommended to start making two-time, seasonal, fertilization. It is recommended to cook it in the early morning (infusion of slurry, mixed with a tablespoon of complex mineral fertilizer);
  • Watering - it is recommended to pour 2 liters of liquid under a young seedling, increasing this amount by one and a half liters every year. It is worth producing poly at the beginning of flowering, before the formation of fruits and when preparing the tree for the period of winter dormancy;
  • Loosening the soil - one of the most important aspects of maintenance is the systematic weeding of the near-trunk section of the soil. On chernozem, six loosening is enough; on clayey, it is recommended to increase the frequency of loosening.

Correct planting and care will ensure abundant fruiting. It is enough to devote quite a bit of time to the cherry and it will generously thank you with the harvest.

Watch a video on how to properly prune cherries:

Reviews about the cherry variety a gift to Stepanov

Most reviews of this variety are positive. Users note the growth rate, the fact that cherries take root well and begin to bear fruit already in the fourth year.

Many positive comments refer to the frost resistance and resistance of the variety to various diseases. If there are complaints that the tree is frozen, they are often caused by improper care.

The taste of the fruit does not go unnoticed either. Sweet, juicy and large cherries take pride of place on the tables of many gardeners.

The only drawback of the variety is the fact that birds very often flock to it. Therefore, it is recommended to provide protection against them.

The gift to Stepanov is a young variety, characterized by frost and drought resistance. It takes root well both in the southern regions and in the northern ones.

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