Tomato Apples in the snow, reviews of the variety, description, characteristics, photo of fruits

Tomato Apples in the snow, reviews of the variety, description, characteristics, photo of fruits

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Tomatoes are popular and beloved garden plants. Among the variety, there are early and late varieties.

One of the first to yield a crop is tomato Apples in the snow, reviews of this variety are approving, make you want to plant at least a few bushes of these tomatoes in your garden.


  1. Tomato Apples in the snow - characteristics and description of the variety
  2. Tomatoes Apples in the snow, yield, what the fruits look like in the photo
  3. We grow tomatoes in the country
  4. How to care for bushes
  5. Reviews of tomato Apples in the snow

Characteristics and description of the variety

The variety was bred artificially for regions with a short summer season. The plant is frost-resistant and tolerates temperature fluctuations well. Tomatoes are grown in open ground and equipped greenhouses.

The tomato is a determinant type of plant (with limited growth). The variety is compact in size, the bushes often do not exceed a height of half a meter. Shoots are covered with small dark green leaves.

The bush with neat tomatoes has an attractive appearance. Therefore, the variety is grown not only in greenhouses and vegetable gardens, but also on window sills. They are often kept as an indoor ornamental plant.

Fruit ripening occurs very early. You can enjoy fresh fruits already at the end of June. The early ripening variety is suitable for cold climates where other types of tomatoes cannot be expected.

The fruits have a rounded, slightly flattened shape. They grow medium in size, smooth, not corrugated. Among the specimens of the variety Apples in the snow, large tomatoes are rarely found. Each fruit weighs about 60 g.

Ripe tomatoes have a bright red hue without spots. The fruits are covered with a thin, but very firm and dense skin that protects against cracking.

The taste of the tomato is pleasant, sweet, with a slight sourness. The pulp is firm, but juicy. The fruits are consumed fresh, rolled up for the winter, salted and made tomato juice. The harvested crop can be stored for a long time without losing its taste.

Tomatoes apples in the snow, yield, what the fruits look like in the photo

Tomatoes Apples in the snow are a versatile variety with many benefits. One of the main advantages is high yield.

Fruits ripen in whole bunches of 5-7 pieces. With proper care, up to 50 fruits (2.5 kg) can be harvested from each planted bush.

Tomatoes are cultivated on an industrial scale. From each sq.m. fields receive up to 10 kg. harvest.

You can also highlight the following advantages:

  • Early ripening. Tomatoes are ready to eat earlier than other varieties. The growing season is no more than 90 days.
  • Expressive taste. Despite the early maturity, the fruits are juicy and tasty.
  • Disease resistance. The variety is resistant to most pests and diseases.
  • No cracks. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the peel, tomatoes retain an attractive appearance and do not crack.

Thanks to its many advantages, the variety has gained popularity among gardeners and in industry. Tomato Apples in the snow is practically devoid of flaws. Allocate only susceptibility to late blight.

Tomato Apples in the snow in the photo looks very attractive. No wonder the bushes are grown for decorative purposes.

The variety is appreciated for small, smooth, regular-shaped tomatoes. The compact plant with small, deep red fruits lives up to its poetic name.

We grow tomatoes in the country

Before planting tomatoes in open ground, sowing and growing seedlings indoors is carried out. For better germination, the seeds are pre-soaked in salt water.

The soil is chosen loose and nutritious. A mixture of leafy earth and humus is taken as a soil. Seeds are planted in containers, immersed to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. Germination is carried out at a temperature of 22-24 ° C.

To create optimal conditions, the container is covered with foil. Experienced vegetable growers recommend treatment with a growth stimulant for the early emergence of shoots.

A container with sprouts is placed in a well-lit place, regularly sprayed with heated water. After the appearance of several leaves, seedlings can be planted in different pots. Ready complex fertilizers will not interfere.

In the first days of May, seedlings can be planted in greenhouses. Plants are moved to open ground when the threat of night frosts has passed. As a rule, this does not happen until the end of May.

The bushes are not planted tightly. With a small distance between tomatoes, the growth and ripening of the crop slows down.

Be responsible for choosing a landing site. It is undesirable to plant tomatoes in the same area for two years in a row.

They also carefully choose their neighbors. Gardeners advise against placing tomatoes near potatoes or eggplants. The neighborhood of carrots, onions, beans or pumpkins is suitable.

How to care for bushes

In order for tomatoes to bring a good harvest, they should be looked after. Pay attention to the following content elements:


Please note that watering young plants for the first couple of weeks after planting is not recommended. The bushes must first take root firmly. Be careful about watering during the period of formation and ripening of fruits. Do not let the earth dry out.

The soil

Plants need soil that is slightly acidic or neutral. With increased acidity, lime is additionally introduced into the soil.

Loosening and weeding

It is important that the soil is loose. Loosening will help retain moisture and provide oxygen. Do not neglect this element of care. Get rid of weeds in time.


The tomato responds well to feeding. At the stage of active growth, nitrogen fertilizers are needed, which will spur the development of greenery.

During the flowering period, products containing phosphorus and potassium are used. These elements contribute to the early formation of ovaries and fruit growth.

Garter and pinning

Apples in the snow do not have to be tied up and pinned. The procedures are carried out at the request of the owner.


Since the variety is susceptible to the development of late blight, attention must be paid to prevention. Weed weeds in time, properly ventilate greenhouses. Mulching the ground with peat has a good effect.

Eliminate overfeeding with fertilizers. Periodically treat the bush with special agents (Ridomil). If the plant is affected by a disease, it will have to be removed.

Reviews of tomato Apples in the snow

The variety Apples in the snow is popular with summer residents. Among those who came across these tomatoes, the impression is positive. Most of the reviews about the vegetable are positive, but you can also find negative statements.

The gardeners noted the resistance of the variety to diseases, rapid growth and early ripening. In the middle latitudes, tomatoes ripened already in June, which made it possible to delight the whole family with fresh salads.

Those who grow tomatoes for industrial purposes are satisfied with the high yield, long shelf life, excellent presentation and the absence of cracks.

Lovers of conservation also liked the variety. The hostesses note the excellent taste and ease of seaming due to its small size. Small fruits fit well in a jar and look presentable on the dining table. Tomatoes are juicy and suitable for making tomato juice.

Almost everyone who has encountered Apples in the snow describes the plant as undemanding to care for and resistant to cold.

Some negative reviews are found among those people who planted plants in greenhouses. Pay attention to the fact that the taste of the fruit is poorly expressed and lacks richness and sweetness. But fruiting in this case occurs earlier.

Apples in the snow are held in high esteem by flower growers. Verandas, glazed balconies and window sills are decorated with pots with bright bushes. Tomato complements the interior and becomes the highlight of green compositions.

Apples in the snow are a good variety in all respects. Combines ease of maintenance, high yield and excellent taste. Suitable for growing in cold regions.

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