Growing strawberries from seeds

Growing strawberries from seeds

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Nowadays, it is not at all necessary to search all specialized stores for summer residents in search of a favorite or desired strawberry variety. But many people think - "Isn't it a cat in a bag?" In fact, you place an order on the same terms as you buy it on the market or in a store, and if the result is not particularly pleasing, then questions should arise only to the manufacturer, and not to the seller who sent it to you by post tax payment.

Many gardeners like to experiment with the varieties of their favorite berry, and growing strawberries from seeds has shown itself to be on the good side, if the question is approached most correctly, because it is not so easy to grow good strawberries. It is necessary to clarify the fact that it is possible to grow all varieties of strawberries from seeds, except for hybrid ones.

There are quite a few different ways to grow strawberries from seeds. Personally, I gave the greatest preference to the following: you need to buy planting soil and fill a low box with it (no more than 10 centimeters in height) halfway and water it properly. We lay out the strawberry seeds on the surface so as not to cover them with earth. Next, the box must be converted into a kind of greenhouse, covering it with glass or polyethylene. I put the box in a warm place, it should be noted that the soil must be constantly moistened. After the emergence of strawberry shoots, the box must be placed in the brightest place and remove the plastic or glass. After the leaves have appeared, the seedlings must be transplanted into small pots and fed with fertilizers weekly. As I grow, the seedlings are transplanted to the summer cottage.

The harvest is always pleasantly happy!

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