Tomato voyage f1 reviews: features of planting and care

Tomato voyage f1 reviews: features of planting and care

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Voyage f1 is one of the most common indeterminate varieties among gardeners. This variety is especially popular due to the possibility of growing tomatoes both outdoors and indoors.


  • Description of tomato voyage f1, variety reviews
  • When to plant a tomato and how to prepare for planting
  • Conditions for growing tomato Voyage f1
  • Proper tomato care

Description of tomato voyage f1, variety reviews

This variety is early maturing and indeterminate, i.e. the bush has a height of 2 meters. The front leaves are small. Since the variety is tall, it needs a garter and the formation of a bush. When ripe, the fruits have a rounded shape, smooth and dense structure, pink color. The mass of one fruit is 120-150 g. From a square meter, you can get 14-18 kg.

The Voyage f1 variety is hybrid, and the hybrids are characterized by positive qualities, namely:

  • High knotability
  • Resistant to many diseases
  • Gradual maturation
  • Resistance to temperature changes
  • Long-term seed germination

Voyage f1 is distinguished by its resistance to late blight, fusarium wilt, alternariosis. In addition, the fruits do not lose their transportable qualities during long-term transportation. According to many gardeners, this variety is very popular.

When to plant a tomato and how to prepare for planting

The timing of planting seeds will depend on where they will be planted - in open ground or in a greenhouse. Voyage f1 is hybrid and belongs to an early-maturing variety, so the optimal timing for planting seeds for seedlings is late February - early March.

Seed material should be prepared in advance. First you need to disinfect the purchased seeds. They must be immersed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 10-15 minutes. After that, it is recommended to soak in Epin's solution and leave for 18 hours. During this time, the seeds will swell and can be sown.

Sowing soil can be bought at a special store. Smooth the ground, slightly moisten and spread the seeds over the surface, and then press them to a depth of 0.5-0.7 cm.It is important to make gaps between the seeds of 2 cm, and 3-4 cm between the rows.Cover the containers with foil and place in a warm room where the temperature is about 22-25 degrees.

Once a day, open the seedling mini-greenhouse and ventilate. With proper planting, seedlings can be expected as early as 4-9 days. After that, remove the film and put the container in a sunny place. Water the seedlings as the soil dries. With the appearance of 2-3 leaves, a pick is made into separate cups.

Planting tomato seedlings Voyage f1 will allow you to get a richer harvest than growing vegetables in the open field. The optimum age for planting seedlings in a greenhouse is 50 days. The plant has a well-developed system and will take root in new soil.

In a greenhouse, potassium phosphate fertilizer should be added to each hole. The seedlings are carefully planted in the hole and compact the earth. The optimal distance for honey holes is 50-60 cm. When planting Voyage f1 tomatoes, you should adhere to the recommendations listed above.

Conditions for growing tomato Voyage f1

To obtain a bountiful harvest, the necessary conditions must be created for the plant. Prepare the greenhouse before planting seedlings. The old soil should be removed by 10 cm, and the rest should be disinfected with copper sulfate.

Tomato grows well and bears fruit on loamy, light soils with sufficient nutrient content. The acidity of the soil should be kept at 5.5-7.5 Ph.

The air temperature in the greenhouse should be within 25 degrees, and the soil temperature at least 15 degrees. Best location for north-south rows. The lighting should be uniform. Bushes should get fresh air on a regular basis.

Proper tomato care

For abundant fruiting of Voyage f1 tomatoes, care should be properly organized. It is important to carry out hilling in a timely manner. This procedure should be carried out with the appearance of tubercles on the stem near the surface of the earth. 2 weeks after planting the seedlings, you will need to apply fertilizer for the first time.

Mullein and nitrophosphate are used as top dressing. One bush will need 1 liter. After that, they are fed every 10-15 days, alternating organic fertilizers with mineral fertilizers. Caring for a tomato also requires proper watering. This procedure should be performed every 5 days. It is important to remember that it is undesirable to water the plant immediately after planting, since it has not yet adapted to the new conditions.

The water temperature for irrigation should be within 20-22 degrees. You will need about 4-5 liters per square meter. An important step in caring for a Voyage f1 tomato is pruning and garter. The side shoots should be trimmed regularly. It is recommended to perform this procedure in the morning. The lower leaves are removed when the fruits are ripe and turn red.

Thanks to pinching, the tomato will direct all the forces and nutrients to the ripening of delicious fruits. Tall growth of tomatoes due to the severity of the fruit begin to bend and break. To prevent this, you need to tie up the bushes. It is not difficult to take care of tomatoes, the main thing is to carry out all the activities correctly and regularly.

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