Chinese method of growing tomatoes: description and features of the method

Chinese method of growing tomatoes: description and features of the method

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Amateur vegetable growers are constantly looking for new effective methods of obtaining good yields in the conditions of small summer cottages or garden plots. Consider the Chinese method of growing tomatoes, its features and advantages.


  • What is the Chinese method of growing tomatoes?
  • In what season to plant tomatoes, how to prepare for planting?
  • Optimal conditions for growing tomatoes
  • How to properly care for them

What is the Chinese method of growing tomatoes?

Growing tomatoes according to the Chinese method concerns mainly sowing seeds for seedlings and its not quite usual picking. Now the unusual method is called Chinese, although in the last century a similar method was used by domestic vegetable growers. From the stagnant tomato seedlings, they cut apical cuttings and rooted them in water. Today the Chinese method is as follows:

  • seed treatment with growth stimulants
  • sowing seeds strictly on certain days
  • picking seedlings with apical cuttings at the age of 25-29 days

Two days before the desired date, the seeds must be subjected to special preparation, soaking in various solutions and placing in different temperature regimes. After that, the seeds are sown in seed boxes. After about 25-30 days, the plants should have 2 true leaves and the seedlings should be dived.

This is done in an unusual way. Shoots are simply cut off above the ground with scissors, the cut is made immediately under the cotyledon leaves. Then they are seated in cups filled with soil. It is believed that in this case, the seedlings are stronger, since:

  • roots and soil are more susceptible to infection by pathogenic microorganisms than the terrestrial part of the plant
  • seedlings do not stretch, the shoots are more stocky
  • the first brush is laid at a low height
  • shocked plant grows more vigorously

In what season to plant tomatoes, how to prepare for planting?

According to this method, sowing seeds must be carried out without fail on the waning moon, which is in the sign of Scorpio. If we take into account the upcoming gardening company next year, then the best days for sowing tomato seedlings will be March 6.7 and April 2.3. It is necessary to dive seedlings in the month following the landing also on the waning moon in the sign of Scorpio.

Five days before the appointed date, you need to prepare an infusion of wood ash. For this, two Art. l. ash is poured with a liter of boiling water and insisted for 72 hours. After that, there should be another 48 hours until the desired date. The seeds are subjected to the following preparation:

  • 3 hours kept in ash infusion
  • Keep in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes
  • 12 hours soaked in epin solution
  • put in fabric bags
  • Keep in the refrigerator for 24 hours on the bottom shelf

After that, the seeds are ready for sowing for seedlings. Sow them as soon as they are taken out of the refrigerator. Important! If you purchased seeds that have already passed special training, then the preparatory stage does not need to be carried out.

Optimal conditions for growing tomatoes

An important condition for the successful cultivation of tomatoes is the soil. You cannot use the garden land on which the nightshade crops grew. The safest way is to buy ready-made soil for these crops and bake it in the oven. After sowing, the prerequisites for germination are:

  • moderate soil moisture
  • moisture preservation under the film cover
  • daytime temperature + 24 + 25 degrees
  • temperature at night + 18

After germination, tomatoes should be grown in good light. It is desirable that the light falls directly, and not from the side. This will eliminate the need for regular turning of the seedling pots and the seedlings will be even. The best solution is to fix the phytolamp directly above the seedling containers. Seedlings will develop better if the room temperature is + 22 degrees. Proper care will help you get stronger seedlings and a bountiful tomato crop.

How to properly care for them

After picking seedlings according to the Chinese method, it is important to ensure regular but moderate watering of the seedlings. If they are seated in 100 ml cups, then the daily rate of water is 20 ml. When using large volumes, the amount of water increases in proportion to it. Such watering becomes a good prevention against fungal diseases, including blackleg. The next important point is to regularly loosen the soil.

Root formation in tomatoes is faster with good air access. Approximately 12 - 14 days after the pick, the seedlings can be fed. It is more convenient in this case to use foliar dressing and spray the seedlings with the "Athlete" preparation.

This drug has a positive effect on the growth of both the roots and the ground part. After about five hours after spraying with the preparation, the plants should be sprayed with clean water. As the container is developed, the seedlings can be transferred into a larger glass. A few days before transplanting to the garden, the seedlings are hardened in the open air.

It is advisable to start this procedure on a warm day, gradually lengthening the period of the seedlings staying in the open air. In regions with a temperate climate, tomatoes can be transplanted into the ground at the end of May. Further caring for Chinese-grown tomatoes is no different from caring for regular tomatoes.

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