Spartan apples: how to ensure proper tree care?

Spartan apples: how to ensure proper tree care?

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Modern dietetics pays special attention to wonderful fruits - apples, which occupy a significant part in the menu for various purposes. Spartan apples are one of the most popular fruits for unloading diets.

Apples have always been a welcome dessert on the table of princes and peasants, but several decades ago they became the main vitamin product in childhood, during body recovery, for athletes and people working under conditions of increased physical exertion. Thanks to the work of breeders all over the world, more than 60 hybrid varieties are cultivated today in various climatic zones of the world, among which Spartan occupies a special place.


  • Description of the Spartan variety
  • Benefits of the variety
  • Features of growing and where they grow
  • Harvesting time for Spartan apples

Description of the Spartan variety

Thanks to the work of Canadian breeders in the first decades of the last century, one of the most popular varieties today appeared in our gardens - Spartan, a hybrid of American Macintosh apple trees and Yellow Newtown. Today he is considered a real veteran of domestic gardening, one of the first foreign varieties zoned in the Soviet Union, in particular in Ukraine.

Today it is successfully grown in the northern and northeastern regions of the country.

The main features of the variety, allowing even inexperienced gardeners to recognize it among others:

  • Compact characteristic crown of a spherical shape, fruits in the form of bunches are located in the ringlet, shoots of a dark cherry shade, strongly lowered, the leaf is dense, leathery, rich green
  • The fruit is small in size, rounded, with a ribbed apex. The surface color is yellow with pronounced crimson or bright pink spots
  • The surface of the apple is covered with a significant layer of natural wax, which gives it an almost purple hue and makes it ideal for storage and transportation.

When choosing a Spartan apple variety, gardeners pay special attention to the characteristics of the pulp. It is distinguished by its wonderful white color, high density and pleasant taste. The combination of sweetness with a pleasant, strong enough aroma forms a unique charm and makes the variety attractive to buyers. The chemical indicators of the fruits are as follows - sugar not less than 10.6%, acids up to 0.32%, vitamins of group "C" about 4.75 mg / 100g.

Benefits of the variety

In order to fully characterize the variety, the many benefits of a widely cultivated tree should be explored:

  • Fruiting of Spartan begins in the third or fourth year, very rarely in the fifth, it belongs to the early varieties
  • Early flowering, abundant, friendly, pollination is easy, even in cool spring
  • Fruits, with excellent taste, contain a large amount of vitamins, in particular - ascorbic acid
  • The variety is distinguished by high yields, which are unstable under adverse weather conditions. Up to 10 years - from 15 to 35 kg, from 12 to 15 years - up to 75 kg
  • Spartan apples are distinguished by high transportability, shelf life without loss of quality from five to seven months. In the spring they are quite high quality and tasty.

The variety is highly immune to scab and other diseases. In addition to its many advantages, Spartan has some disadvantages. This is insufficient resistance to frost and prolonged precipitation. The older the tree is, the smaller the fruit becomes with each harvest. To maintain a stable level of yield, you need to competently prune the trees every year.

Features of growing and where they grow

Spartan trees love abundant sunshine, and planting in a well-chosen and prepared area in an elevated position allows for stable yields. The best months for planting are mid-April or early September. Growing features:

  • The planting pit should not be deep - up to 0.6 m, stones are placed at the bottom as drainage, filled with compost, a composition that includes 250 g of superphosphate, 100 g of ash and universal fertilizers for fruit trees
  • Fill with water to dissolve and soak mineral salts. After planting, re-watering is carried out for a week, in the evening
  • Four dressings are carried out during the year - in mid-April, during the flowering period, in June, and after harvesting the fruits in September

This variety has high demands on systemic pruning. The crown is formed in such a way as to allow the growth of trees and to strengthen the remaining branches. For the prevention of fruit rot, apple moth and cytosporosis, spraying with solutions of Skor, Horus, Fundazol, Tsimbush is used. Initially in the homeland of Spartan, in Canada the variety is used for commercial cultivation, in our latitudes it is cultivated for consumer purposes.

In addition to the northern and eastern regions of Ukraine, farmers and gardeners of central Russia, the Belarusian Polesie, receive good harvests. Due to its resistance to diseases and generous yields, Spartan has become one of the most popular crops in horticultural farms and in suburban amateur plots.

Harvesting time for Spartan apples

The readiness of the fruit for collection is determined in the most proven way. Pressing your finger on the barrel of the apple should leave a slight indentation. If it is absent, then it is early to harvest. This variety is most preferable in order to store apples for a long time. They are collected in the last days of September; it is best to choose a cool, dry, sunny morning for this.

It is important to avoid moisture ingress, which will reduce the quality and shelf life. Observing all the basic principles of growing, collecting and storing Spartan apples, they will delight you with a unique taste, amazing aroma and wonderful appearance all winter and more than half of spring. They will decorate any, the most solemn table.

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