Podophyllum plant: rules of care and cultivation

Podophyllum is a perennial plant with an attractive appearance. Podophyll belongs to the category of undemanding plants, which greatly simplifies the process of caring for it.


  • Description of the plant
  • Benefits of the variety
  • Growing features
  • Medical and culinary uses

Description of the plant

The flower belongs to the barberry family and grows naturally in Asia. The plant is characterized by a rather unusual appearance. The flower has rather long rhizomes, the thickness of which can reach one centimeter. The root system of the podophyllum is located in the upper layers of the soil. The plant has erect, smooth and unbranched stems.

On them there are two apical opposite palmate-separated leaves. At the end of the foliage is a drooping flower, the diameter of which ranges from 6 to 8 centimeters.

The flowers of the plant have white petals that fall off very early. The flower is characterized by the presence of fruits in the form of a polyspermous, edible and fragrant yellow berry. The flowering of the plant is observed at the end of spring, and the ripening of the fruits at the end of summer. Podophyllum is a fairly beautiful flower with which you can decorate any suburban area.

Benefits of the variety

Podophyllum is widely used by flower growers due to its many advantages. The plant has a sprawling rhizome, which allows it to grow a curtain as quickly as possible. Thanks to the sufficiently strong stalks of the culture, it is able to fully withstand the negative influences of the environment.

Podophyllum is easy to care for, which greatly simplifies this process for the gardener. Due to its abundant and beautiful flowering, the culture is often used as an ornamental plant. With the help of this plant, a ground cover is created in the garden as soon as possible. Plant propagation is straightforward enough. Thanks to the advantages of the variety, any gardener can be engaged in its cultivation.

Growing features

To ensure the successful cultivation of a crop, it is necessary to provide appropriate care for it, which consists in:

  • Suitable soil mixture
  • Choosing the right place
  • Watering
  • Removing weeds, etc.

The plant needs regular watering. The frequency of this procedure depends on the condition of the soil. If the top layer of the earth is dry, then watering is recommended. The plant does not like neighbors in the form of weeds. That is why they must be removed in a timely manner.

In this case, it is strictly forbidden to use a hoe, as it can damage the root system, which is located in the upper layers of the soil. Spraying the plant is allowed only if the fruit is covered with foliage. The plant is characterized by a high level of resistance to diseases and pests.

To ensure a high yield, fertilization is recommended. Top dressing should be done before flowering. For this purpose, the mullein tincture is used, which is poured only over the top layer of the soil. It is recommended to pour dry peat or light soil on top.

Reproduction of the plant is carried out in the spring from seeds. Podophyllum care is a fairly simple procedure. For this purpose, it is recommended to just follow a few simple rules.

Podophyllum plant on video:

Medical and culinary uses

Due to the universal properties of podophyllum, it is widely used in cooking and medicine. The use of the berries of this plant is often carried out in cooking. Jams and preserves are made from them. In some countries, the fruits of the plant are added to lemonade. They smell like lemon in their smell.

The root system of the plant includes a resin, which is widely used in the treatment of neoplasms. If a patient is diagnosed with papilomatosis of the larynx, then this plant is used in complex treatment. With the help of culture, genital warts are cured, as well as papillary fibroepitheliomas, which are often diagnosed on the bladder.

The plant is characterized by the presence of a cauterizing and anti-inflammatory effect, which makes it possible to use it for the treatment of various diseases of the epithelial integument. Podophyllum is characterized by a high level of toxicity. That is why its use should be carried out as carefully as possible only after consulting a doctor, which will eliminate the possibility of undesirable effects.

If, after a month after using a medicine based on this plant, no positive therapeutic effect is observed, then it is canceled. Podophyllum is a unique plant that can beautify any landscape design. The plant is unpretentious to care for, which makes it possible to grow it in any summer cottage.

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