The correct planting of onion sets in spring is not difficult

The correct planting of onion sets in spring is not difficult

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Why is planting onion sets in spring interesting? It grows from a seed. Small bulbs are needed, as large ones will not bear fruit.

How to plant sevok

Preparation begins from the garden. How do I prepare for boarding?

  • In the fall, they begin to prepare the soil, supplement with rotted manure or compost (5 kg per 1 square meter), use fertilizers such as potash and phosphorus;
  • He needs loamy soils, moderate moisture, rich in organic fertilizers;
  • There is a set that is most suitable for planting, this is 3-6 g;
  • A large seed goes into the arrow, which means that another fruit will not come out of it;
  • You can prepare the bow so that it does not hurt. Pour the seedlings into a bucket before planting and pour hot water (up to 70 ° C), hold the bath for 2 minutes, then remove and lower it into cold water for a minute;
  • The onion sets must first be washed, and then planted in the grooves so that there is a distance of 25-30 cm, and between the bulbs themselves 8-10 cm, it depends on the size. Then it is sprinkled with soil, with a slide 2 cm above the onion hangers;
  • First sort the onions by size, the large ones are planted first.

So the sevok is planted. First you need to loosen well, water, weeding is required. There are also special recommendations for cleaning. It takes a little effort to plant onion sets in spring successfully.

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