When to plant petunia and how to dive it correctly

When to plant petunia and how to dive it correctly

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Petunia is a flower of amazing beauty. Petunia is a rather whimsical plant, therefore, before you start breeding these flowers, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for planting and caring for them.


  • What are petunias
  • When to start planting and seed selection
  • Preparing the container and soil for seedlings
  • Sowing seeds and taking care of seedlings
  • Picking
  • Outdoor planting and fertilization

What are petunias

Petunias are distinguished by a variety of varieties, there are hybrids and subspecies. In general, all petunias can be classified into three groups.

Shrub petunias differ in their size. It can be both miniature plants, up to 25 cm in height, and tall bushes, reaching 70 cm.The sizes of flowers also vary: from small - 4 cm, to large ones, 13 cm in diameter.This variety is chosen for planting in open ground on a garden plot ... Popular varieties: Grandiflora, Multiflora, Milliflora.

Ampel petunias. They branch poorly, they grow mainly in length. Usually they are immediately planted in a hanging container, placing the seeds closer to each other. Ampelous petunias look very beautiful on the balconies of city apartments, forming a flower waterfall.

Among the varieties of this type, the most popular are: Pearl surf, Light wave, Waterfall. Cascading petunias. Varieties of this type are used to decorate gazebos. The most spectacular plants are Rose, Typhoon, Cherry.

Before you start growing petunias, you need to decide on the type of plant. The variety is chosen taking into account where the adult plant will be located: in the open field, on the balcony in a flower pot, in a flower pot.

When to start planting and seed selection

Petunia is a light-loving plant and requires sufficient light to grow. Therefore, you need to start growing seedlings no earlier than March. Most petunias are grown in March. Ampel petunia is grown in January.

If the planting was carried out in compliance with all the rules, then in five days the first shoots will appear. Despite the rapid germination, the seedlings will grow very slowly, since the root system develops first.

To grow a beautiful lush flower, you should choose the right planting material. Seeds for planting a flower are purchased at a specialized store. You should not buy a package with a lot of seeds. There should be no more than 10 of them in a bag.

There are pelleted petunia seeds. They are enclosed in a special shell, all the necessary trace elements have already been added. It is much more convenient to sow such seeds, but if there is not enough moisture, they will not germinate.

Preparing the container and soil for seedlings

Deep boxes are not suitable for seedlings of petunias. The height of the landing container should not exceed 10 cm. You can stop your choice on:

  • plastic cups
  • peat tablets
  • plastic container

Ampel varieties can be planted immediately in hanging containers, pots. An illuminated place is chosen to place the seedlings. The soil for seedlings is prepared in the fall. The composition of the soil affects the quality of the seedlings. For planting petunias, prepare a mixture of equal parts:

  • vegetable garden
  • sand
  • peat
  • humus

You can purchase a ready-made potting mix. Before loading the soil into the planting containers, drainage is laid out on the bottom.

Sowing seeds and taking care of seedlings

If the seeds are small, then they are mixed with sand and evenly distributed over the surface of the planting container, without sprinkling anything on top. Sowing is carried out in moist soil. Crops are watered through a spray bottle, water cannot be poured from above, otherwise the seeds will deepen and will not sprout or will sprout very late.

Shoots should appear in five days. They will need to be thinned out, leaving the strongest and healthiest plants. When the leaves appear, the watering method will need to be changed. Now the plant is watered under the root, preventing water from getting on the leaves. If, nevertheless, drops of water appear on the leaves, they must be gently shaken off. It is not necessary to water the seedlings abundantly.

The soil must be regularly loosened with a toothbrush, make sure that it does not dry out. It is important to observe the temperature regime. During the day it should be + 20 degrees, and at night + 16.


Picking - transplanting seedlings into separate cups. Petunia tolerates a transplant well, and yet, the transplant rules should be followed:

  • Prepare a container for picking and soil
  • Seedlings are watered before transplanting
  • Carefully remove the bushes, you can use a toothpick and place in the holes
  • The soil does not need to be tamped intensively, only slightly strengthened so that the plant does not fall

If the roots are very long, you need to pinch them a little. After transplanting, the seedlings are watered under the root with warm water. The pick is made when the third true leaf appears on the plant. Petunias have a well-developed root system, so it requires a lot of space for normal development. Therefore, they take such a container so that the flower is not cramped in it.

Outdoor planting and fertilization

Before planting seedlings in open ground, you need to harden them. This is done in two weeks. A flower bed for petunias is chosen in well-lit areas. The soil should not be clayey. The landing is carried out taking into account the climatic conditions. In Siberia it will be the beginning of June, in regions with a warm climate - May.

Rain and wind can affect the growth and flowering of petunias. In cold weather, it may stop blooming. In order for the plant to acquire a beautiful shape, vertical shoots must be periodically pruned, and wilted flowers must be removed to form new buds.

Petunia can grow successfully without any additional feeding. Fertilize the plant so that it becomes lush and gives more flowers. Top dressing is carried out using conventional fertilizers, which include a complex of minerals.

The procedure is repeated twice a month for flowers growing in the open field. With proper care, petunia can delight with its flowering throughout the summer, right up to autumn.

Video about the competent cultivation of petunias in the garden:

Watch the video: 4 Reasons All My Seedlings Died (July 2022).


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