Self-medication method. Your own healer.

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I bring to your attention a method of self-medication, which I actively use myself. I understand that such a pretentious advertisement looks like a lie.

(the author of the text and the method is me. If the Moderators consider it right to move the topic, I trust their decision)

The method is strong - I judge by myself.

Imagine a black ball about 5-7 cm in diameter in front of you at a distance of 10-30 cm from the body. At a height, approximately between the navel and the solar plexus. Pure black, filled with the same inside. And you need to ... give yourself to this black ball - this means your "I", all your consciousness - and what is realized as parts of consciousness, and everything that you can reach in striving into the depths of yourself - all this ... is given to the black ball, which the practitioner himself created for himself right in front of him .. Separates from himself and surrenders. - I understand it sounds like some kind of Satanism, like trash, but .. when I was very sick, I was actively treated with this. I didn't care how trash or nonsense it was - it calmed me that it was just a color, without any forms, intermediaries and references.

The above-described version of self-giving - training - with maximum intensity of return. Usually you don't need to raise the intensity to the Maximum.

The Effect takes honest effort. Yes, it's scary to give yourself up to your ball. But if you overcome fear, then there will be a tangible effect - I do not want to praise.

Over the years of practicing the black ball, I cannot say that my soul or ability to love has been damaged, simply because it is not. I don't think black is evil. I managed to accurately formulate the method in its current form about two months ago.

Adjust the place and size of the ball according to your feelings - where it is more convenient, more pleasant. It may be more convenient for someone to place the ball inside the body. Do not exaggerate the size of the ball - the effect is better with the optimal size.

While mastering the method, I sometimes had heightened pride - the mind does not have time to adapt to its growth.

Methods for normalizing worldview and psyche:

1) "I am an illusion" - to present all your "I" as an illusion. not really existing. "I only seem to be existing." This is scary, but if you overcome fear, inspiration and a new spiritual experience will arise - the development of consciousness. Over the course of my long practice, I have not found any negative effects from the "I am an illusion" method. The only thing is that there is danger from practicing this method very diligently at the same time as driving or other activities that require attention.

2) abilities are created not by the practitioner himself, but by his cooperation with God through the ball.

Sometimes I remind myself that it is it - the black ball - that keeps my consciousness big and gives my ability. And my role in this is less than his.

3) at the initial stages of mastering the ball, I was helped by the method "if there is pride, then something has not yet been given to the ball."

Particularly strong option: to combine simple surrender of oneself and detachment from oneself. Let me explain the meanings of the tricks: simple recoil is, as it were, from the inside out, from oneself to the ball. And detachment from oneself is a purely internal process at the heart of the mind, including with the trick "I am an illusion". just as a person renounces his feelings, desires, thoughts.

This option is possible only when the ball is close to the body or inside the body, I judge. Physical activity on endurance, running - very much help to master the method, since the endurance given by the ball .. is felt quite well on the run - I judge by myself.

Perhaps it will be more pleasant or more effective for someone to create a ball or column of white light instead of black - this is normal, of course. But as for me, white is a much weaker cure, this is something else. Switching and working with one polar color after another - not immediately, after a break of several minutes - about 2 - minimum - determine the duration of the break independently according to the sensations from the brain and consciousness.

If you practice too hard the black or white balls, being in a close and dense environment with people, then, perhaps, you can damage their consciousness or health with your biofield or look. -I guess. It is better to master a particularly strong variant - the effect is stronger and the return for it is not maximal.

Knowing the method, you need to be careful and not succumb to the provocations of psychic blows, do not strike with the power of thought, do not feel hatred. -when there is Power and the ability to give up, aggression interferes, IMHO.

And don't drink fluoridated water. - from the tap, and bottled, where the label contains F or fluorides. or the inscription "Contains fluoride". If you drink fluoridated, just compare the effects of fluoridated and non-fluoridated.

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