How to plant a spruce in your own personal plot

How to plant a spruce in your own personal plot

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Spruce can decorate any personal plot. Before you start planting a spruce, you need to familiarize yourself with what you need to prepare for this procedure, how to care for the tree after planting.


  • Where to buy spruce seedlings
  • When they start landing
  • Planting site and seedling preparation
  • Well preparation and planting
  • How to water a tree
  • Crown formation

Where to buy spruce seedlings

Spruce for planting can be dug up in the forest or purchased from a nursery. Some gardeners grow their own seedling from seed in a pot. Nurseries sell spruce trees ready for transplantation. They are dug up right in front of the buyer. The plant is transported directly with a clod of earth.

Going to the forest, you can choose a plant yourself. To do this, it is better to opt for trees no more than two meters high. Very small Christmas trees less than one meter tall should not be dug up. Immediately after arrival, the Christmas tree is planted in a pre-prepared place.

If desired, the herringbone can be grown from seed. For this, prepared soil is poured into the pot. It can be special soil for conifers or forest soil in half with garden soil. The seed is planted in a pot to a depth of no more than half a centimeter. From spring to autumn, the plant is watered abundantly. And in cold weather, two waterings per month are enough. In one year, a tree 25 cm high can grow from a seed.

When they start landing

You can plant a spruce on the site at the end of April or August. These are the two most favorable periods, since it is at this time that the root system of the tree begins to actively develop, which means that the tree will take root well.

The Christmas tree is planted near the house or outside the garden area so that it does not interfere with the rest of the plants. The fact is that the root system of spruce has a surface structure, it will absorb all the moisture and nutrients from the soil. Nearby plants can be affected by this.

In addition, the branches of the tree are very spreading, they will block the light. If you want to see the spruce in the garden, you will have to regularly prune its roots. There is also such an option: a decorative spruce. Such a spruce will not become an obstacle to the development of other garden plants.

The success of the event depends on a number of conditions, how the Christmas tree will grow is influenced by:

  • the right approach to planting a tree on the site
  • seedling quality
  • climatic conditions
  • soil quality

The soil should be fertile; soil with a slightly acidic or neutral reaction is ideal.

Planting site and seedling preparation

Particular attention should be paid to the place where the spruce will grow. It should be well lit by the sun. In darkened areas, the plant will grow poorly, moreover, it may simply wither away. The place for the spruce must be protected from the winds. The spruce root system is shallow, so strong winds can knock the tree down.

The soil must have good water permeability. Loamy and sandy loam soils are suitable. Loose soil will not work for this unstable plant. The condition of such soil is improved by introducing clay or sand into it.

Young trees of short stature are chosen for planting. It will be easy to dig up without damaging the root system. In addition, the plant is easily transported to the desired location. You need to dig up a tree together with an earthen lump, this is done carefully so as not to damage the roots.

Fungi live in an earthen coma, with the help of which the plant assimilates nutrients from the soil. This is very important for the future development of the spruce. Roots with soil can be placed in a bag. The tree can be brought from the forest. But it is better to buy it from a horticultural enterprise. When purchasing a plant, it is important to examine its roots. They should be healthy and white at the tips. This indicates their activity.

Well preparation and planting

A hole for a spruce seedling is prepared in advance. This should be done two days before planting. The pit preparation rules are as follows:

  • dig a hole, the width of the hole should be no more than a meter, and the depth is about 70 cm
  • soil preparation consists in mixing the soil from the planting site with the soil where the tree used to grow
  • the bottom of the hole is lined with drainage, a broken brick or pebble is suitable, it is laid on the bottom, the thickness of the drainage layer is 15 cm
  • humus and compost are placed in the planting pit
  • add needles and bone meal

It is important to ensure that the soil is not overly moist. This can damage the plant. The Christmas tree is placed in the hole along with a lump of earth. The roots of the plant placed in the hole should point downwards. The neck should be flush with the ground. To prevent the wind from swaying the tree, it should be tied up.

When planting a Christmas tree, a very important point must be taken into account - the tree must be oriented to the cardinal points. This means that if the tree in the previous place grew with one side to the north, then in the new place it should also face the same side to the north.

A circular roller is formed around the tree from the ground. This is done so that the water does not spread after watering. It will also be useful for mulching. The soil is mulched with the help of sawdust, chips and the like, this is necessary so that the top layer of the soil does not dry out.

How to water a tree

The young Christmas tree needs to be watered. The first watering is done immediately after planting. Then one or two times a week will be enough. It is important to pay attention to soil moisture. This is done as follows: a clod of earth is crushed in the hands.

If it crumbles, then the earth is dry and the spruce can be watered. If the soil is clumped together, then it is moist enough, it is better to postpone watering for now.

The tree is watered at the root until the water ceases to be absorbed into the soil. Do not use sprinklers or sprinklers for watering. From this, the spruce will begin to lose needles. Watering is necessary for the plant in the summer. In the cold season, it is not necessary to water the Christmas tree.

Crown formation

Ate can grow to a large size. In this case, the lower branches can drop the needles, in order to avoid this, the formation of needles should be dealt with. For this purpose, the following procedures are carried out:

  • in spring and autumn, diseased and dry branches are removed from the tree
  • the branches are cut by 10 - 15 cm
  • the branches are cut for the first time in the year of planting, then they are cut at intervals of 2-3 years
  • to preserve the fluffiness and slenderness of the spruce, the top can be carefully torn off, then the spruce will begin to grow more in width than in length

If you follow all the tips and tricks, you can get an excellent result. the Christmas tree will take root on the site and will delight the owners with its appearance for many years.

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