Dracaena Sanderian: description and conditions of plant maintenance

Dracaena Sanderian: description and conditions of plant maintenance

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Dracaena Sanderian or Sandera is an ornamental plant that does not require special attention and care. What is this plant?


  • Plant characteristic
  • Plant transplant and propagation
  • Dracaena care
  • Possible diseases

Plant characteristic

Dracaena belongs to perennial houseplants. It looks like a small shrub with a thin trunk and short green leaves. The length of the leaves is 15-25 cm. In appearance, it resembles bamboo, but a distinctive feature of the two plants is the presence of a fleshy dracaena stem.

Dracaena Sander is often called the "Bamboo of Happiness" because of the distinctive constrictions on the trunk. Layers can form in each of them.

If you cut the stem into a couple of cuttings, you can get new plants. Dracaena Sandera and its curved trunks resemble an ornament, and the result is an unusual composition. It grows slowly, but in indoor conditions it can reach a meter height.

To grow Sandera, you can use water, hydrogel, or a regular substrate. Water for dracaena should be distilled using special fertilizers. Melt water is also good. Sand, leaf and turf soil can be used as a substrate for dracaena. The acidity of the soil should be pH 6.5.

Plant transplant and propagation

It is recommended to replant the dragon tree in the spring. As a soil mixture, a special soil is taken and mixed with soil for indoor plants in an equal amount. If the plant grows in water, then the roots should be rinsed and decayed particles removed. Place a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. After all these activities, you can perform a transplant.

"Bamboo of Happiness" in indoor conditions multiplies in several ways:

  • By dividing the stem
  • Cuttings
  • Rooting the stem

It is necessary to carefully and evenly separate the stem from the main trunk using a sharp knife. Close the sections with not hot wax, so as not to burn the plant. Next, the delenki are placed in a pot of soft water. For some time, small roots will appear, and then buds. This is a clear sign of transplanting a plant to a permanent place. Propagation by cuttings can be easily performed by novice growers.

With a sharp knife, carefully cut off the top of the shoot or cuttings located on the sides. For rooting, you can use water and soil. The sections must be waxed on the main plant. Next, cover the cuttings with foil. After 1-1.5 months, the plant will have new shoots. For planting the cuttings, a substrate is used: 1 part of sod land, 2 parts of leaf land, 1 part of sand.

The last method of division is carried out as follows: the stem is separated and the cut site is treated with wax on both sides. Place the rod in a flat plate so that the lower part remains in the water. After the stem has taken root and buds sprout, the plant can be repotted. The result is a plant with multiple trunks and a common root. Over time, as the plant grows up, it can be placed in a glass vase filled with pebbles or glass beads.

Dracaena care

If dracaena grows in water, then it needs to be changed every two weeks. You do not need to spray Sanderianu, she feels great, even if the air in the room is dry. The main thing is to forget to remove dust from the leaves. If an unpleasant odor emanates from the water in which the dracaena grows, then it is necessary to put a tablet of activated carbon. Before putting the pebbles into the container, you need to pour over boiling water, then there will be no unpleasant smell.

Video about proper care for Dracaena Sander:

To keep the plant, the temperature should be 18-30 degrees and it is important that there is diffused sunlight. With a lack of light, the leaves will turn pale. Avoid direct sunlight, otherwise the plant will die. Dracaena can be placed in a damp room, in a bathroom, but the leaves will turn slightly pale.

In summer, water the plant abundantly, and cut it in winter. Dracaena cannot be poured, as the roots will begin to rot. When watering, it is necessary to monitor the top layer of the soil - after drying, you can start watering a little. Like any plant, dracaena needs feeding. For this purpose, special fertilizers are used for dracaena. In the summer period, feeding is carried out 2 times a month, and in the cold season, once is enough.

When caring for dracaena, you need to know and perform one important measure - to remove unnecessary shoots from the main trunk. To obtain spiral stems, the plant must be placed in a special case. These can be purchased at the flower shop. If the shoots are not removed, the plant will be shapeless. To obtain an elegant and beautiful plant, you must follow simple rules of care.

Possible diseases

With improper care, the plant can be exposed to various diseases.
If young leaves began to turn yellow, then this indicates an excess of moisture. In this case, it is necessary to transplant the plant and reduce watering. If blackening is observed at the tips of the leaves, then there is not enough humid air in the room or the plant is standing in a draft.

It is forbidden to put a vase with dracaena next to the battery. In case of frostbite, dracaena leaves will curl up into a tube. In this case, the plant must be sprayed and placed in a warm place. Excessive watering and hypothermia of the soil leads to leaf fall and the appearance of rot on the stems.

With a fungal infection, light brown spots appear on the stems and leaves. The pallor of the leaves and spots with black dots on them indicate phyllostictosis. Treatment of diseases is carried out using fungicidal agents.

Watch the video: Put the happiness plant in your house, and see what happens (July 2022).


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