Growing lavender from seeds

Growing lavender from seeds

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Lavender is an evergreen shrub with blue or purple flowers and long, narrow, silvery leaves. Lavender has been known since Roman times, where it was used for hygienic as well as cosmetic purposes.

Lavender is propagated by cuttings or seeds. Stratification - keeping seeds at low temperatures to increase germination.

Seeds are planted in the fall in the soil, after keeping the seeds in the refrigerator. Better yet, grow the seedlings first. To do this, you need to add clean river sand and a manganese solution to the ground, plant the seeds not deeply and cover with snow. When the first shoots appear, you need to carefully control the watering so that there is enough moisture, but not overflow. The seedlings can then be transplanted to their final location.

Lavender loves a sunny space and adequate watering. You also need to remember that after flowering, the lavender needs to be pruned.

Growing lavender from seeds is not easy, but with enough knowledge it is quite possible. Let this extraordinarily beautiful shrub decorate your garden plot too.

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