Care for strawberries after winter

Care for strawberries after winter

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Strawberry fruits --- are a dietary food that quenches thirst, stimulates appetite, and improves digestion. Fresh berries are useful for hypertensive diseases, and indeed, one of the most delicious berries.

Strawberry is a capricious plant, it is very demanding on the soil and the taken strawberry seedlings literally suck out all its useful components from the soil in 2-4 years.
Therefore, it is advised to transplant strawberries after planting in 3-4 years to a new place, and the soil on which you want to transplant strawberries must be intensively fertilized during this time. Strawberry does not require special care in winter, strawberry plants tolerate low temperatures in winter if there is a snow cover. Snow cover over 20 cm protects strawberries from frost -20, -25 degrees.
If there is no snow at a temperature of -12, -15 degrees, the strawberries partially freeze or die completely.
In the case when the winters are not snowy, the strawberry bed should be covered with straw.

In the spring, after the snow has melted, the strawberry bed should be loosened and the earth should be heated on the roots of the strawberries. If the strawberry beds were covered with straw, then the straw must be moved and the berry bushes allowed to grow.
In the spring it follows, feed the strawberries with fertilizers, best of all is humus. You also need to ensure that the root system does not dry out. Strawberry beds should be watered regularly, weeds should be removed so that there are fewer weeds, a strawberry bed can be planted under a black film.

Proper care and watering of strawberries is the key to success!

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