What is the depth of planting potatoes

What is the depth of planting potatoes

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What does the potato planting depth decide? This is an important factor. But won't depth hurt potato growth? Although the salvation from frost is obvious.

How to plant potatoes

In areas in the extreme south, disembarkation is carried out at the end of March, the beginning of April is also permissible. A number of requirements are met:

  • Planting depth for the northern and central regions on light soils is 10-12 cm, on heavy soils, 8-10 cm, peaty soils require 6-7 cm.The southern edges for planting require 14-16 cm.Tops should be planted 2-3 cm , and this indicator is smaller than for whole tubers;
  • Density when planting on well-fertilized, possibly fertile soils is permissible thicker. For poorly fertilized, poor soils - less often. Early varieties must be planted densely. Larger tubers require more space. And small and tops need frequent planting;
  • An area of ​​100 square meters when planting whole tubers contains 450-500 bushes. The tops can be planted in the amount of 600-650 bushes. And seedlings or sprouts can be planted according to the density of 700-750 bushes;
  • A certain distance must be maintained between the rows, 50-60 cm. The rows between individual bushes for whole tubers are 30-35 cm, tops - 25 cm, shoots - 20 cm;
  • 100 square meters allow 20-25 kg. tubers with an average size, large - 30-35 kg, the tops will fit in an amount of 10-15 kg.

Here are some guidelines. The southern regions are associated with aridity. Consider this when planting tubers. Therefore, the potato planting depth should be such that water flows normally.

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