Unusual Persimmon tomato - joy for the whole family

Unusual Persimmon tomato - joy for the whole family

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Everyone is used to the red tomato, and in vain. This tomato can be grown in a vegetable garden, in a greenhouse and even at home by a window. Our acquaintance with the Persimmon tomato begins.


  • Description of the variety, its advantages
  • Growing features: soil selection, planting, watering, fertilization
  • Benefits and uses in cooking

Description of the variety

Tomato "Persimmon" is a large variety of tomatoes, the weight of the fruit, with proper care, can reach 500 grams, or even more. On average, a tomato weighs 250-300. To get a good weight of a tomato, good care is necessary during its growth. This is a medium-sized plant.

It can reach a height of up to 1.5 cm. On average, its height is 70-80 cm. The bush grows very powerful with a large number of leaves. The color of the bush is light green. Tomato inflorescences are simple. Unripe fruit has a green spot. When the fruit ripens, it completely disappears. The full ripening period is 115-125 days. The color of the tomato is orange, looks like a persimmon fruit, because of this feature it is called "Persimmon".

Tomato "Persimmon" has excellent nutritional properties. It contains a large amount of carotene and virtually no organic acids. Tomato is more of a salad, but it can be preserved as well as other types.

It tastes sweet with a very dense pulp. The fruit can be picked slightly unripe as it ripens afterwards. It is best to grow persimmon tomato in greenhouses, but you can also open it. Greenhouse tomatoes ripen faster and are heavier.

A distinctive feature of other varieties of orange tomatoes is their nutritional properties. They are much sweeter and add variety when used in cooking. In addition, their quality characteristics are much higher. With proper care, it gives a significant amount of yield. The fruits have excellent keeping quality. When transportable, they retain their appearance and taste. The only downside is that it is difficult to find original seeds in garden stores.

Growing features: soil selection, planting, watering, fertilization

Before planting a tomato, you need to compact the top layer of the earth. Further make a groove in the carrier with a depth of one centimeter. Seeds are planted in this groove. Do not sprinkle seeds abundantly in one place. Their germination rate is 90%. The temperature regime during growing seedlings should be 23-26 degrees. After planting, lightly water the soil and cover with plastic.

So that the seeds do not float to the surface during watering, it is better to carry it out with a spray bottle. The pick is carried out after the bores have taken root and released two leaves. In order to successfully transplant seedlings into a greenhouse, you need to gradually harden it in two weeks. This is done as follows: take the seedlings outside for five minutes in the daytime, followed by an increase in the stay by one minute.

This procedure cannot be done immediately after watering, the leaves must dry completely. Bushes are planted at the rate of no more than 3-4 per 1 sq. meter. It is planted in a greenhouse with good lighting. The variety is poorly resistant to late blight. Therefore, if the seedlings are densely planted with infection, there is a risk of losing part of the crop.

It is possible to transfer seedlings to a permanent place in the greenhouse only when its height reaches 15 cm and there are six real leaves. The variety will give a high yield in an unheated greenhouse. It is best to fertilize the plant with compost. Place the compost between the rows of tomatoes.

It is necessary to water the plant often, but so that the water does not stagnate, otherwise there is a possibility that the roots will rot. Tomato "Persimmon" occupies a respectful place among summer residents, not only because it is tasty, but also capable of bearing fruit for a long time. If you properly care for the plant, you will harvest the crop until late autumn.

Give a value to the following:

  1. The tomato does not have a strong resistance to late blight, so plant no more than 3-4 bushes per 1 sq. meter.
  2. Do not plant seedlings less than 15 cm into the ground so that the tomato can take root and give a high yield.
  3. To get ripe tomatoes a week earlier, you need to cut the stem up to 7-10 cm above the base and insert a 0.5 cm thick shelf in the middle of it.

Benefits and uses in cooking

In most cases, the "Persimmon" tomato is used in the preparation of salads, as well as main courses. Tomato juice and various sauces are obtained from them very spicy and striking in taste. Despite the fact that the tomato belongs to the salad type, the preservation is very tasty. It brings zest to any food preparation, and its color helps to diversify boring food.

An easy recipe for making an omelet with persimmon tomatoes. You will need 4 eggs, 2 tomatoes, 1 small onion, and herbs (parsley, dill, green onions). Beat the eggs well and add salt and pepper to taste. Cut the tomatoes into thin slices, cut the onion into half rings. Chop the herbs finely.

Take a frying pan, pour refined oil on it and lightly fry the tomatoes and onions over low heat. After the onions and tomatoes are slightly sun-dried, pour the eggs on top and cover everything with a lid. Fry for about 15 minutes. When the omelet is ready, sprinkle it with finely chopped herbs on top. The dish is ready, you can serve it to the table. Enjoy your meal.

Choosing a tomato "Persimmon" you will get a huge yield of tomatoes with an unusually pleasant taste and bright colors. This product will appeal to both children and adults. Once planted, you can no longer refuse to grow it. Despite the painstaking care, you will forget about the wasted time when you start harvesting the fruits.

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