Proper cultivation and care of verbena from seeds

Proper cultivation and care of verbena from seeds

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Verbena amazes with its unusual variety. Gradually, this amazing flower filled almost the whole world.

Verbena will perfectly decorate your flower bed and delight the eye. In addition, for a long time it was grown for medicinal purposes, but now few people know about it. If you decide to plant vervain, but do not know how to care for it, then this article is for you. When planting vervain at home, in addition to beauty, you will get a little doctor of traditional medicine in addition.


  • How to collect planting material?
  • If you buy - how to choose, what to look for?
  • Preparing seeds and soil for planting
  • Verbena planting and aftercare

How to collect planting material?

The easiest way, of course, is to purchase verbena seeds at the supermarket. In the event that you want to collect planting material yourself, you must adhere to the following instructions. You need to collect verbena when the boxes are dry and brown.

This suggests that the seeds are in the ripening stage. Cut the brown inflorescence carefully with scissors and place on a sheet of paper in a dry place. This is done so that the inflorescence dries completely. Turn the cut material over while drying the seeds. This action will keep it from growing moldy and dry evenly.

After all these procedures, remove the verbena seeds from the nuts and pour them into a box. Now you have seeds, but do not forget that harvested seeds do not always carry the same quality characteristics as their parents. Now you know the method of collecting seeds and we hope that you will not have any difficulties. The main thing is to adhere to the scheme for collecting planting material.

If you buy - how to choose, what to look for?

It is better to buy seeds in a specialized store. When choosing a package, pay attention to its condition, carefully inspect it for defects. Each bag must contain the name of the crop, as well as the name of the variety. Don't forget to look at the seed expiration date and batch number. Who produced this product, that is, its name, address and phone number of the seller.

In addition, many sellers give a short description of the product and a photograph. Give preference mainly to well-known seed companies. Better to buy seeds without the "F" mark. GOST must be present on the packaging. GOST is a guarantee that these seeds have been tested and are suitable for sowing performance.

Preparing seeds and soil for planting

Verbena is a perennial plant, but is often grown as an annual. It is best to grow it from seeds in a seedling way, because this plant came to us from warm climatic conditions. It is worth sowing seedlings of this flower in late February, early March. Make sure the soil is loose and with enough fertilizer before sowing. In addition, the soil needs to be slightly warmed up.

Bring the soil to a warm room and let it warm up for a few hours. Sowing verbena seeds is superficial.

No need to poke huge holes in the ground, just place the seeds on top and sprinkle them lightly with humus or fine sand. Verbena sprinkled with nothing will germinate just as well. Cover the planted seeds with glass and maintain a temperature of 18-20 degrees, not forgetting to ventilate the crops. Verbena will germinate in 20-30 days, after which we transfer it to a cool place before planting in the ground.

Choose a location for planting verbena in a sunny location so that it grows well. Before planting, the soil is prepared as follows. For 1 sq. meter requires 1/2 part of a bucket of humus with the addition of 1 glass of ash and 60 grams of ammonium nitrophosphate. In the future, when growing in this way, you can fertilize the grown back.

Verbena planting and aftercare

Do not forget, planting verbena seedlings in the ground should be carried out after the end of frost, since this is a thermophilic plant. If you want to get compact verbena bushes after planting, then you need to plant seedlings at a distance of 20 cm, and if you want to get creeping bushes, you need a distance of 25 to 30 cm.

Now we turn to soil preparation. Pour a small amount of finely broken bricks or rubble into all holes. This action will help prevent water from stagnating in the roots, which will save them from rotting. In the case of dry soil, before planting the verbena, pour a glass of water into all the holes and wait for it to be absorbed a little.

The soil is now ready for planting this beautiful flower. Lower the sprout with an earthen clod into the hole and cover it with earth, lightly pressing the hole around the bush with your hands. Under the conditions of vervain planting during the rain or after it, it is not necessary to moisten the soil beforehand. After planting, verbena requires personal care. It is necessary to enrich the land with fertilizer. Do not do this too often and in large quantities.

In the case of excessive addition of fertilizer to the soil, the flower abundantly releases shoots, and flowering is long in coming. With proper care, verbena blooms from July to September.

You need to feed the plant. It will be enough just to do it three times. The first feeding must be done before the flowering of the plant, later twice directly during flowering. Use the compound fertilizer solution described earlier. In addition to fertilizing, do not forget to water the verbena until the seedlings are completely rooted.

It is worth watering the flower regularly, but not abundantly. Thus, you will save the plant from various fungal diseases. When the plant has grown, watering should be carried out if the soil under the flower is completely dry. For a long and abundant flowering of verbena, it is necessary to cut off inflorescences that have faded by 1/4 of the length of the shoot.

Due to our climatic conditions, verbena is an annual plant. Therefore, with the onset of deep autumn, the flowers must be removed, and the site must be dug up, so that it is suitable for planting next year. Don't forget to collect the seeds before harvesting the plant, unless you are going to buy them from the store, because you already know how to do it. Now you know all the nuances of growing verbena. Despite such painstaking cultivation, she will certainly thank you with her beautiful flowering.

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