How to plant cherries

The peculiarity of cherries is the earliest ripening of stone fruits, it opens the season of berries and fruits, delighting adults and children.

  1. Choice of place. Cherry is a light-loving culture. A not too shaded area, protected from northern winds, is suitable for her. A good harvest is possible on medium loamy or light soils, peat bogs, heavy clays, sand are completely unsuitable. Make sure that water does not accumulate in the selected place, for this you can create a hill about half a meter high.
  2. Training. The trees are planted before the buds swell, in early spring, but preparations begin in the fall. The bottom of the planting pit (80 cm wide and 60 cm deep) is loosened, covered with 1-2 buckets of humus, slightly mixed with the top layer of soil. 0.3 kg of superphosphate and 100 g of sodium sulfate are added in the spring.
  3. Planting. On one site there are 2-3 varieties of cherries, to ensure cross-pollination. The presence of cherries blooming at the same time has a good effect. The distance between the trees should be at least 3 m. When planting, the seedling is raised by 5 cm, taking into account the shrinkage of the earth. Then watered, the soil is mulched with humus.

The question "How to plant cherries?" - very important, the yield and resistance of the tree to diseases depends on compliance with all the rules.

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