Apple tree Semerenko: variety description, cultivation features

Apple tree Semerenko: variety description, cultivation features

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To harvest an excellent harvest from an apple tree, you must not forget about the rules of cultivation and care. She has delicious wine fruits that stand out for their juiciness and aroma.


  • Description of the variety
  • Benefits and features of the variety
  • Growing features
  • The benefits of the Semerenko apple tree

Description of the variety

The dimensions of the Semerenko apple tree are medium, its crown is distinguished by its density, it has the shape of a circle. The bark is dark gray and has a brownish tint. In the spring, the active awakening of the buds begins. The foliage is not too dark, it slightly shines, has the shape of an elongated oval. The tip of the leaf is curled in an original way.

The fruits of this variety are not symmetrically flattened. In some cases, their shape resembles a cone. They can be painted in both bright and light colors. The apples are green, but when fully ripe, their barrel turns crimson. Their surface is covered with small subcutaneous dots. In addition, growths that resemble a wart may appear on it. But inside the apple is snow-white. It is juicy, sweet and sour.

Benefits and features of the variety

The Semirenko variety is difficult to confuse with other apple trees, since it stands out for certain features:

  1. A rich harvest can be harvested from an apple tree. The fruits are very tasty and have a presentation. Although they are large, they do not weigh much. Therefore, they are often used for sale, as they are loved by both sellers and buyers.
  2. Harvesting takes place from late September and lasts until mid-autumn.
  3. Apple trees of Semirenko are grown for further winter storage, since in the cold period the fruits do not deteriorate and are well preserved.
  4. The apples are big. They can reach up to 200 g. They taste great and smell good.

If the fruits remain for a long period, then their consistency inside begins to resemble a cream. They stay juicy. Apples can be stored for 8 months. Even for such a long period, nothing will happen to them. But for this it is necessary to store them correctly. A cool cellar and refrigerator are suitable for this purpose.

But Semirenko's apple trees can suffer from fungi or powdery mildew. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to protect the tree. The advantage of this variety is that apple trees survive drought normally, they are not afraid of windy weather and drafts.

There are also some disadvantages of the apple tree. She can bear fruit periodically. Frosty weather can damage the wood. But after that, it will recover in a short period. After such a defeat, 3 years will pass and the tree will bear fruit again. But the heat is not terrible for this variety.

After planting has been carried out, it is necessary to wait 5-6 years for the first crop to be harvested. At a young age, the fruits appear annually. But when the tree matures, then fruiting becomes periodic.

Growing features

Apple tree Semerenko loves fertile soils. On such land, it brings a good harvest for a long period. From a lack of nutrients, fruiting worsens, and the quality of the fruit also decreases. But do not worry about this, since the way out of this situation is to self-fertilize. Namely:

  1. In the autumn, it is worth adding manure and mineral fertilizers to the soil.
  2. In the spring, until the first leaves appear, nitrogen fertilizers are applied
  3. Phosphate fertilizers should also be added to the soil regularly.

This variety is difficult to tolerate severe cold. For this reason, people who grow apple trees in areas with harsh winters should create shelter for the tree. Soil mulching is carried out around it. For this, compost and humus are used. It is also worth protecting the young bark. To do this, it is coated with whitewash or tied. In this way, you can create protection against rodents. The tree has a round crown. It is quite thick, so pruning must be done. If the tree is still young, then the growths that have grown more than 0.6 m are removed.

In the future, the owners should make sure that the tree does not overgrow too much. For this, excess shoots are removed. Otherwise, the yield will deteriorate significantly, the risk of developing tree diseases increases.

In order to regularly harvest a good harvest, it is necessary to provide normal conditions and do not forget about basic care. The tree should be systematically watered, apply special fertilizers, remove excess shoots in time, and properly prepare the apple tree for winter.

Experienced gardeners irrigate at least 3 times per season. At the same time, about 4-5 buckets of water should go to each tree. This will prevent the soil from drying out. At the end of July, you should stop watering the tree. From that moment on, it begins to prepare for winter. In addition, the yield can be significantly improved with the spring application of nitrogen fertilizers.

For tree propagation, the seed method and cuttings are used. In the first case, experience and patience are required. In addition, this method is mainly used to obtain a new variety. This is a complex process when pollen is transferred from one tree to another. In this case, it will take a long time to get a good harvest.

For this reason, most people use cuttings as a propagation method for the Semerenko apple tree. For this, green cuttings are used. As a result, roots appear in a new plant, which is planted in the ground. This technique also has a number of nuances, so not everyone will be able to cope with the task at hand. It is necessary to prepare cuttings from mid-June.

The benefits of the Semerenko apple tree

Apples are grown not only to feast on these fruits. With their help, you can saturate the body with useful substances. Often they are used when there is a desire to lose extra pounds. This is due to the fact that the apple contains few sugars.

But the Semerenko variety contains many such useful substances:

  • Biotin
  • Carotene
  • Pectins

All of them reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood stream, get rid of oxalic acid. And this has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver. In addition, apples contain a huge amount of vitamins C, B and E, they contain potassium, iron and manganese. For this reason, it is recommended to eat them often for those who have low hemoglobin, metabolic failure.

Apples are not only eaten fresh. They are used to prepare compotes, salads, meat dishes. They are dried, canned, and made into jam. This is a really useful product. So, the Semerenko apple tree has a number of advantages. Many people fell in love with her. But in order to grow it in your country house, you should know some rules for growing.

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