How to prune a pear: basic rules and stages of pruning

How to prune a pear: basic rules and stages of pruning

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When spring comes, a new summer cottage season begins. Gardeners and gardeners have a lot of trouble, including pruning trees. But how to cut the pear correctly so as not to harm it?


  • Why and when are trees pruned?
  • Pruning features
  • How to prune a tree correctly?
  • Pruning steps

Why and when are trees pruned?

Pruning of trees plays an important role, this is one of the main procedures that contributes to an increase in yield, an extension of the terms of fruiting. For pears, this activity is also considered important, so it is not recommended to start the tree. Do not forget that the pear loves light, this must be taken into account when pruning.

When the tree is still young, and its age does not exceed 1 year, then this procedure can be omitted. This is due to the fact that the development of the pear is not fast. But you should prepare in advance for further pruning, take into account the advice of professionals in order to do everything right and not damage the plant. If you do not adhere to the rules, you may not benefit the tree, but, on the contrary, harm it.

As already mentioned, pruning is not done in the first year, since the tree is still too young. For the first time, they are engaged in pruning branches in the second year of pear development. Experienced gardeners advise to carry out this procedure in the spring, when the severe frosts have already disappeared, but the juice has not yet begun to move, and the buds have not appeared.

Often late March or early April is ideal for this. Pruning is repeated every year. This procedure can be done in the autumn as well. But many gardeners are of the opinion that it is easier for the tree to survive the pruning of branches in the spring. If you hold this event in the fall, the pear will be more sensitive to frost. Therefore, it is better to do the procedure at the beginning of spring.

Pruning features

When pruning pears in the spring, it is worth adhering to certain rules so as not to harm the tree. Namely:

  1. If it is necessary to remove small branches, a pruner is used, which has a sharp blade. If the branches are too large, then you need to use a hacksaw. When the diseased branches were removed, it is worthwhile to disinfect the instruments. For this, a liquid containing alcohol is used.
  2. Do not prune the tree if the air temperature drops below -5 degrees.
  3. The places where the cut was made are smeared with linseed oil, varnish, paint or special preparations.

There are 2 ways to prune a pear. This is the shortening of branches and cutting on the ring. If you use the first method, then the growth of lateral shoots will accelerate, buds that are located below the cut will begin to develop. If the second technique is used, the branch is cut with a ring at the base.

It is worth taking care not to damage the bark. Therefore, initially they make an incision from the bottom, and then they begin to make a wash at the top.

In a pear, the growth of branches can be both vertical and horizontal. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor horizontal shoots, and the rest should be eliminated. Branches that grow downward are of no use. Therefore, they are removed first. If the pear is pruned in the spring, then it is forbidden to feed it with nitrogen fertilizers.

How to prune a tree correctly?

When the pear has already been growing throughout the year, it is worth doing a little pruning. It is made at a height of half a meter above the ground. This will help new branches appear on which buds will appear. Full pruning is carried out for seedlings that have reached the age of two. To do this, you need to delete a quarter of the branches. There should be 4-5 branches left on the main trunk, which should be at a 45-degree angle to the main trunk. Branches that compete, interfere with the development of the tree, must be removed.

For this, the scheme under the ring is used. Experienced gardeners advise eliminating excess parts, but make sure that the tops of the skeletal branches are even. When a young tree is pruned, it is worth placing new shoots correctly, on which ovaries will appear in the near future. They must be bent so that they are placed horizontally towards the main shoot. To do this, they are connected with twigs.

Do not forget about pruning an adult pear. This procedure is also necessary for her. If the tree is already 8-10 years old, it is worth removing the extra branches in the spring, until the buds and leaves appear. To begin with, the excess parts of the tree are removed so that air and sun rays in sufficient quantities come to all branches. After that, the shoots that have recently appeared are shortened. This will allow them to form and grow faster.

Pruning steps

Experienced gardeners advise against pruning a tree in one day. This will affect their rapid growth, so in a short period they will grow above the crown itself. It is recommended to remove excess twigs in stages. Namely:

  1. To begin with, carry out formative pruning, which allows you to make the correct crown.
  2. After that, sanitary circumcision is done. It is carried out before the growing season. at this stage, diseased and dry branches are removed.

At the end, a supporting pruning is carried out. This is the main procedure that involves removing large shoots so that they are not burdened with future crops. Some gardeners do pruning in the fall. It can start from August and finish until December.

This procedure is carried out in order to give the tree a pyramidal shape. This will increase fruiting, and the branches will not be damaged by the weight of the pears. Also, damaged shoots are cut in the fall. All remote branches must be burned. So, to get a good harvest, you need to take care of the pear and do the right pruning. To do this, it is enough to take into account simple rules.

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